How To Hack Facebook 2017 With Z Shadow


How To Hack Facebook 2017. Facebook is the world’s number one social network, used by billions of world wide peoples for find friends and chat with there. By using facebook account you can find your lost friends on facebook and contact your all world wide friends in a singe place. But now a days many spammers and phishers using facebook for abuse people’s and spread fake new about celebrities. So that we wanna report them on facebook. But many facebook profiles get rid from facebook team by using fake names and fake profiles. In that time we can hack them for save others. Hacking facebook account is not possible now a days. Because facebook security is too tight from spammers. Over millions of hackers works on facebook for find security mistakes and fix them.

But now you can know how to hack a facebook account for secure your accounts from this type of hacking attacks. Now a days many people’s looking for how to hack someones facebook for takes revenge against their enemies and prank with their friends. So that am gonna share you this how to hack a facebook method for attack someone’s facebook accounts. Because if we can’t do anything against the wrong persons, we wanna take illegal way. In this below post, You can find the simple method for how to hack facebook.

This is the simple facebook phishing attack for get victim passwords secretly for access their facebook accounts. In the z shadow you can do this for free. what we do in the shadows : simply create a phishing page and share link with your friends. Also in this post the most wanted trick for how to remove primary email from facebook. Then the vistim can’t recover their facebook account. It’s my own method, I found it on many days ago. Today am sharing it with all of you for understand how to hack facebook account without survey and money. By using this method you can also hack gmail account, if you are searching how to hack a gmail account you can also use this trick for hack gmail password.

How To Hack Facebook Account With Z Shadow 2017 :

  • At First Goto Z Shadow And Register New account.
  • Then Complete Registration And Select Login To Your Account
  • Then Choose The Flag, Which You Wanna Display In Facebook Phishing Page
  • Now Click On Make Custom Page And Select Create Your Own Page.

  • Enter Url As www or m as victim is mobile or desktop user.
  • Then Choose The User Agent As Your Victim Operating System.

  • Now Complete The Facebook Phishing Page Setup.
  • Now Goto My Pages And Copy Your Phishing Page Url.

Hack Facebook 2017

  • Copy The Phishing Page Url And Share It With Your Friends.
  • Login Details Will Be Stored On Your Z shadow account
  • Then Login To Your Account And Click On Top Menu.
  • Here Select My Victims And View The All Login Details.
  • You Can Also Share Your Phishing Page Link In Facebook Wall And Groups.

That’s All. Now Share your phishing page link. And start hacking facebook of your friends and enemy. The above method working fine for hack facebook password without survey and paying anything. This method is a simple phishing page method. If you are searching how to create phishing page for facebook. Just ahead to z shadow site and create own phishing page similar to facebook. when you select domain facebook, it will show you facebook full site

You Can Create Phishing Page For Gmail Too With The Z Shadow.. Just use in url field and select custom user agent and create phishing page for gmail

How To Hack Gmail Password 2017 :

  • Just Goto Z Shadow And Create New Page
  • Enter Url
  • Now Select Custom User Agent
  • Now Fill The Captcha And Create Page For Gmail Phishing.
  • Now Share The Link Url With Your Friends And Start gmail password hack
  • Then Hack Gmail Account Of Victims And Enjoy.
  • You Can Share The Links In Facebook Without Blocking

My Phishing Pages :

  • For Android Mobile Users : Click Here
  • For Desktop Users : Click Here

Use this method only for legal and fun purposes only for prank your friends. Am not recommend this method for illegal purposes. Use it only for educational purposes. Because this types of posts only for secure facebook account from hackers and phishers for secure your privacy. Share this post with your friends and keep vising for more exclusive facebook hacking tricks and facebook tricks. you can also use this for gmail hacked


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