10 Best Google Chromecast Alternatives 2017


Here am sharing Best Google Chromecast Alternatives 2017. In this post you can get best chromecast alternative for watch online contents in any device. Google chromecast have millions of users from worldwide. Now in market, many alternative to chromecast available easily. You need to setup your chromecast devices t ww.google.com/chromecast/setup. Then you can directly connect your device using  HDMI USB port in TV. After the download, you need to download the app in your android mobile or iphone. Also chromecast folder contains the available new chromecast apps for setup device with chromecast.

Currently in the web we can get multiple best chromecast alternative for streaming live tv. This post will help you to get best alternative for download streaming video chrome. Here in this post am sharing 10 Best Google Chromecast Alternatives 2017. Follow the below post for learn about alternative to chromecast.

Best Google Chromecast Alternatives 2017 :

CheapCast :

CheapCast is the first suggestion for best chromecast alternative Because it’s free and easy to setup. Cheapcast have very simlple and easy installation process. So that you can easily setup cheapcast in less than 10 minutes.

Roku :

Roku streaming gadget indeed Is one of the best Chromecast. Even though it’s a little bit more features than google Chromecast. For instance, There’s a dedicated simple hardware remote regulator. Roku have more than 2000 channels streaming support for enjoy stream live tv in android and your other devices for free.

Apple TV :

Apple tv is the Best chromecast alternative for iphone users for live tv streaming in iphone. . It has great streaming support for enjoying live contents. And apple tv is the related to iTunes. Means you can enjoy live streaming in itunes using Apple TV.

AllCast :

AllCast is the best one for save your money because it’s cheapest and one of best alternative to chromecast. This famous streaming service created by Koushik Dutta. You can get more features of streaming more than Chromecast. You can enjoy stream saved contents locally. But in free version, you can get only limited access. So purchase premium version of allcast and enjoy all features.

PiCast :

Picast is the open-source alternative for such device. You can also create your own Chromecast by using Raspberry Pi scenario. Currently PiCast supports in all devices like android and iphone for enjoying best streaming.

Allshare Cast by Samsung :

It is one of the best alterntive to Chromecast used by many worldwide users. Allshare cast owned by samsung that you can trust allshare more than other local chromecast alternatives. You can enjoy live tv streaming and all other online videos and mp3 streaming using Allshare Cast. Allshare device works on both android and tablet for stream videos easily.


WD tv is the best online steaming service. It also becomes the best netflix alternatives in the web for live content streaming. The special goodness of WD tv is, You don’t wanna rooting and jailbreak your devices to make it compatible with your contents. WD tv also supports to stream local media files.

Teewe :

Teewe devices supports local streaming. You can use Teewe in both android smartphones and tablets and desktops for high speed streaming. And it is one of the Best Google Chromecast Alternatives in india.

Matchstick :

Matchstick also listed in one of the best chromecast alternatives 2017 for all devices. Matchstick available in the market for cheap prices. Slightly it has similar plus points than it’s competitor’s for better performance. Matchstick device works on both smartphones and desktops  for stream online contents.

Amazon Fire TV :

Amazon fire tv provides many of cool entertainment options for live steaming. If you wanna spend more time on the device, you have to select this product. And it’s support many devices and local streaming too. Amazon fire tv is not the tough competitor to other best online streaming services like the chromecast alternatives given in this post.

So guys, This Best Google Chromecast Alternatives 2017 post will help you to get right choice to choose your best chromecast alternative for online video stream. If you have any more best chromecast alternative for live streaming, Share with us in comments.


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