10 essential H&M shopping hacks (H&M coupons)


H&M is a very well-known clothing retail company situated in almost 60 plus nations and having more than 4500 outlets across the world. H&M makes available clothing material, accessories other apparel for all including women, men, teenager, children and others at the cost-effective process. The services and quality of the material are never compromised but you can make use of certain tricks to get even more savings on your purchases of clothing and apparel from H&M retail store. You can shop for the items through many options like nearby retail stores, online website or Mobile App.


  1. Save 15% on H&M shopping by selling old clothes

H&M is too advanced in such schemes and it is not only loved by the customers but prove to be the effective technique to clear old unused stuff from home. It does not only accept the old clothes of H&M but of other brands too that can be in any condition. You can get flat 15% off on your next purchase from H&M retail store after dumping the old clothes.

You can donate the clothes in the bins next to the cash counter. Once you are done with the donation, you will be rewarded with 15% off on your next purchase from H&M store. The coupons are accessible for 2 months and you can donate up to 2 bags a day that can contain 3 to 5 articles per bag.


  1. Get 30% off using H&M gift cards

There are many discounted gift cards or H&M coupons available online for shopping through the H&M store. You can fetch more savings after applying for such gift cards on the payments page. The discount ranges from 15% to 30% on almost all the items listed in the store. These can also be applied to sale items for additional concessions and can also be combined with other discounts.


  1. Shop at the end of the season or Clearance sale

It’s always a best decision to shop from H&M stores at the very end of the season and that too during the months of June or November. It is the time when the store runs many sales and clearance of items. You can easily get the products at major concessions instantly.


  1. Avail 25% employee discount

The employees of H&M stores get flat 25% off on the purchase of the clothing or accessories from the store. The employees must not forget to avail such an amazing offer. It is even available for part-time employees. Every employee at the store is given the H&M coupons and vouchers to be used by the family and friends and that is the easiest way to save on shopping on the H&M store.


  1. Shop more frequently or buy multiple to save more

You get instant benefits of 3% off on your purchases if you are shopping on the H&M store more frequently. The coupons or other gift cards or cash backs are given to regular shoppers or customers of H&M. one should note and take advantage of stock up a sale where you purchase multiple items and get credited with 30% discount instantly. You can look out for offers like ‘get 1 free on purchase of 2’, ‘two for $20’, etc. instead of paying fully for the single items purchased.


  1. The afternoon is the best time to shop at H&M

The deliveries at the store take place during the morning hours. You can look out for new arrivals in the afternoon during your lunch-time and get the new design and clothing home. The racks of the store are filled with the latest material before afternoon and get cleared once the customers enter the store.


  1. Decode the price tag

At the H&M store, there are nine seasons of sale instead of four that is spring, summer, winter or fall. You can look out for the season that is going on in the H&M store to look out for the sales in near future. The price tag or bar code mentions the season number at the seventh place and if the 4th season is going on and the stock is still full, you can wait for the 6th season to come and shop for the clearance of 5th season’s items. The goods are marked down at in the next season and that is the best time to shop for them.


  1. Shopping through App for discounts

You can access many latest discounts through the H&M app and get amazing deals too on your mobile screen directly. Simply download the app from play store as its free on Android and iOS. Sign up with the relevant credentials and get alerts on email or inbox. You can get 10% off to 50% off on the material offered in the store.


  1. Return Quickly

The store has a rigid return policy and thus to safeguard yourself from getting stuck with not returning the unwanted items on time, you have to follow the policy. It has a strict 30 days return policy and the cloths should be unworn and unwashed. If any item is purchased at store or online, and the material is having any size issues or material issues, you simply have to keep the receipt safe and bring it with the item while you come to return it along with the package. But that should happen within 30 days span, and if you cross 30 days span you will only get current selling price credits instead of replacement or money back.


  1. Get the best fit in other store or scan the barcode to know about out of stock sizes or locate the store

Using the app, you can look out for the best size for yourself and locate the store in which it will be available. Or you can call out to the agent of nearby H&M store to locate the dress with the size that is wanted. It will help you to save time and simply visit the store where it is available. It is the best option to track the item on the app and get the discount on clothing or apparel.


Everyone wants to save more while not compromising with the shopping list. H&M provides many tricks, coupons or gift cards for their customers to make their shopping easy. Shop easily at H&M and keep your wardrobe filled with the latest trends. After applying the above-given hacks, you can save and get the fresh items at home.


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