How to get hitleap premium for free


How to get hitleap premium for free. Hitleap Is a auto traffic ecxhange system for bloggers. you can get unlimited traffic from hitleap by viewing others. hitleap offers an Premium account for cost. basically hitleap traffic ban your google adsense for fake traffic. but you can use hitleap premium account for getting traffic without losing your adsense account. because hitleap offers search engine traffic refers like google, yahoo, bing. so adsense never ban your account for using hitleap.  but you need to pay 7 euros per month for use hitleap premium account. but here am providing easy guide to use hitleap premium for free without hitleap premium account in 2017. just follow below guides to use hitleap premium account for free.

How to get hitleap premium for free :

  • At first create new account on hitleap here.
  • now verify your email and install hitleap viewer on your pc.
  • Now run hitleap viewer and login to your hitleap account on hitleap software.
  • Run hitleap to earn free minutes to get traffic to your site and improve alexa ranking.
  • Now Come to main part Of this trick : How To Use Hitleap Premium For Free In Regular Account.
  • (Basically Hitleap Gives you minutes By surfing Others Blog. But it’s fully automatic process. You can run hitleap viewer and minimize it. But it will start earn minutes. you can check your minutes credits in your account section in hitleap site. After that use it for earn traffic to your site)
  • Just Open Google, And search your site.

How To Get Hitleap Premium For Free

  • Now google display site contents in search results. just right click on your site link.

Hitleap Premium On Regular

  • Now Goto hitleap websites Page and paste url. [Screenshot]

Hitleap Seo

Now save it and Click Submit Button. Now you can enjoy search engine traffic referrers in your hitleap regular account. Start using hitleap premium account feature without hileap premium account.



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