Create Desktop Version For Wapka Site


In This Tutorial am providing You How To Create Desktop Version For Wapka Site. Basically wapka codes only supports in mobiles as easy navigation. But in Desktop your wapka site loo king irresponsive. And also your website got poor view while using in Desktop. But in this article am providing tips to make wapka pc version code. All you need just follow below method to create desktop version for your wapka sites.

Create Desktop Version For Wapka Site :

  • Goto Your Wapka Site Settings By Click On ::EDIT SITE:: At Bottom.
  • Select Global Settings In Wapka Settings Page.
  • Open Head Tags And Paste Below Codes :

<style type=”text/css”>
@media only screen and (min-width:1024px){
}@media only screen and (max-width:1023px){#pc,.pc{display:none}
}@media handheld{#pc,.pc{display:none} #mobile,.mobile{display:block}

  • This Code Will Hide Your Desktop Version Contents From Mobile Users. And Mobile Version Contents From Desktop Users.
  • Now Goto Your Message In Forum And Themes In Forum Section. Edit All Codes From The 2 Forums With The Pc Version And Mobile Version Codes.

<div class=”pc”>This Contents Will Visible On Desktops Only</div>

  • While Using The <div class=”pc”> Code. The Contents will Only display for desktop users. The contents not visible in mobile devices. So, Paste your pc version codes in the code place and save it.

<div id=”mobile”>This Contents Will Visible On Mobile Devices Only</div>

  • This Code Only Displays The contents For Mobile users Only. For default just Edit Your all Codes with <div id=”mobile”>Codes</div> Like This.

You Can Also Use JavaScript If Else Statement For Use The Pc Version Codes :

<script type=”text/javascript”> var w=window.innerWidth;

Tips To Make Desktop Version Codes :

Use <table> Tag for choose the width of your Desktop layouts. For referance use any wordpress site’s responsive template. In the message in forum codes and themes in forum codes. Just Use <table> Tag and use <td> For setup your template. Here am show You the Best Example for wapka desktop version.

Layout Ideas For Make Pc Version For Wapka Site By Zybermedia.Net :

Create Desktop Version For Wapka Site


Enjoy Desktop Version Of Your Wapka Site. Share this post With Your Friends who using wapka site.

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