Make Money In Mywapblog with Uc Union


It is very easy to earn money from the internet especially from MyWapBlog , Because blog is the only one thing which get huge amount of traffic from Search Engine than the Downloading Wapsite . To earn money from your mywapblog , Just follow the steps that given below To Make Money In Mywapblog with Uc Union

Earn Money Mywapblog

Make Money In Mywapblog with Uc Union :

  • Log-in to Your Dashboard on MyWapBlog .
  • Click on the “Ads” Link under the “Appearance” Tab .
  • There you can see some of the “Ad-Network’s” Click the first one “UCWEB Union”.
  • now signup on uc union and add your mywapblog blog as publisher.
  • Now they take minimum 3 days for for approve your blog,
  • after getting approval, openmanagementsection. And get your ad code.
  • open mywapblog dashboard and click appearance – ads.
  • click on uc union.
  • Now it will ask you an publisher id.
  • Just Look at your ad code. you will see something liketarandeep2@tricksglobal2 like this. now copy the line and paste it on mywapblog ucunion publisher id.
  • Now Save the code and earn money with your mywapblog blog.
  • your ad will display in your every post & first post in main page.
  • You will get paid every 10th date of month, if you are reach atleast 10$.
  • You can also use link ads,banner ads in your mywapblog for better earnings.
  • In my exerience am using banner ad in my mywablog site. Its better than link ads.
  • Don’t Forgot to add your ucunion ads in desktop ads,smarthone ads in ads section for better earnings.
  • am Using this method and make0.60$to0.80$per day with 7000 daily visitors.

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  1. You can check your balance in uc union dashboard. For withdrawal, Goto account settings in uc union and fill your payment details. You can add your paypal account or bank account here for withdraw your earnings.


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