Scan Open Udp Ports Online And Android Mobiles


Scan Open Udp Ports Online Tool – Udp Ports are basically used for use free internet with vpn applications. You can use udp ports in android vpn apps and desktop pc software for use free internet in your any network internet connection for free. For example droid vpn and hammer vpn helps you to connect free internet in your android mobile using open Udp ports. In windows pc, you can use software like pd proxy and tunnelguru for free internet. Udp Ports are available for any networks. When using udp ports connection, your network provider doesn’t charge any data and main balance. That means you can use free internet in your android mobile and windows pc.

Scan Open Udp Ports Online

Scan Open Udp Ports Online :

The below tools will discover currently open udp / tcp ports in your networks. Then enjoy free internet with the working Open udp port. Just use below tools. But note you can check only Particular port is open for given ip :


Scan Open Udp Ports In Android Mobile :

  • Now simply Open it and click on Port Scanner ( Screenshot )

Open Udp Scanner Apk

  • Enter Any Working Free Host Of Your Network Provider And Click On Go Arrow.

Scan Open Udp In Android

  • Wait Few Seconds, Ip Tools will Displays the Current Opened Udp Ports List.
  • Just Copy The Open Udp Ports And Use Any Vpn apps like droid vpn / hammer vpn.
  • Connect Vpn with Open Udp port. Your Connection will starts without any data packs.
  • Then start free browsing and downloading with open udp ports.
  • Working for all network providers. But you need Working free homepage of your network operator.

The above methods will help you to scan open udp ports online / Scan Open udp ports in android mobile apk. In online tools, you can only check the particular port for free host is open or not. But in android app, It will search all open udp ports and helps you to discover open udp ports for connect free internet with any network. Windows pc users, simply open pd proxy in your windows pc and click on port scanner. Pd proxy will helps you to scan open udp ports in pc. Enjoy free internet in your desired network and share this post with your friends.


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