Upgrade Android Lollipop To Marshmallow


Upgrade android lollipop to marshmallow easily. You can easily upgrade your android version lollipop to marshmallow without root your android mobile. Also you dont need to install custom install rom and mod to get marshmallow features in your android mobile. You don’t need any special skills and android mobile knowledge for upgrade your android. Follow all steps clearly and enjoy the marshmallow in your android.

Upgrade Android Lollipop To Marshmallow

Upgrade Android Lollipop To Marshmallow :

  • Goto Google Play Store And Search For Google Now Luancher.
  • Install It On Your Android And Make Google Now As Your Deafult Luancher.
  • Again Goto Play Store And Search App Ops Application. App Ops Enable The Basic App Permission Like Marshmallow.
  • App Ops Only works on lollipop versions, If you have lesser versions like 4.4. It will Works Similar To Android M.
  • The Special Feature Of Marshmallow Is, While using android apps like earn talktime and whaff, we need to click the ad links. When clicking on links on marshmallow devices, It opens in custom chrome Tabs using the low system resources.
  • This Link Feature Doesn’t available on Android M. You can download Link Bubble In Playstore For Avail The Feature In Android Lollipop Mobile.
  • For Getting Improved Tabs Management Like Marshmallow, Just Install System Monitor app. System monitor Provids the best tabs management like Marshmallow.

As You know android marshmallow have small problem in battery life. While using the above apps and marshmallow features, Your device getting some heat and also getting some battery issues. For avoid power usage issues you can use Battery Doctor apps in your android mobile. And Hibernate unwanted apps and background process for save battery issues.

The above post will helps you to upgrade android lollipop to marshmallow easily without root. For this question you can get various types on tutorials in google and other sources. But in this post you don’t worry about your android mobile. And it’s very simple to follow all procedures and safe. If you have any more questions and request, just comment below.


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