Trick to change android imei with Mtk Engineering mode


Trick to change android imei with Mtk Engineering mode – hello friends, you can easily find imei android and change it easily with mtk engineering mode without rooting your android mobile. Yo can also repair your android imei by following this procedure. International Mobile Equipment Identity is the 15 to 17 digit identity number. The imei number used for track stolen android mobile by initializing calls. You can change android imei yourself with mtk engineering mode. In this tutorial am sharing the guide to change your android imei number without root.

Reasons To Change Android Imei :

  • Error / Invalid Imei while Checking Your Imei Number Dialing *#06#.
  • Android Mobile Unable To Register Mobile Number / Make Calls.
  • For using data offers of mobile networks for new devices without buying new one.
  • For using Android Recharge Apps For Unlimited Self Referrals.

Requirements To Change Android Imei :

For Change android imei with using mtk engineering mode app you don’t Need Root Access. You may also want to backup your mobile data’s. If you are getting risks. Find Imei Number Of Your Android And Copy It. Or Simply Use Any Custom 15 to 17 digit imei number.

Change android imei with Mtk Engineering mode :

  • Download Mtk Engineering Mode App From Play Store.
  • Install It Manually and open homepage.
  • Select Mtk Settings In Main Menu And Click On CDS Information.
  • After Opening CDS Information Page You Can Find Common Data Services Page.
  • Then Select On Radio Information And Open It.
  • Then Choose The Sim, Where you want to change imei number. Select Sim1 Or Sim2 you want to change and proceed further instructions.
  • Here you can change the IMEI number of android by AT+ Editing.
  • At front of AT+, type E and now a pop up appearing EGMR=**,””
  • Choose AT+EGMR=1,7″”For Change Sim1 Imei Number. Or AT+EGMR=1,10,”” For Sim2 Imei Number.
  • Now Paste your desired imei number from GIPv4. In front of semicolon like  AT+EGMR=1,7”9100XXXXXXXXX” 
  • Now Save the new imei number of android and confirm it.
  • Then you are succesfully modify your android imei without Root.

Note : If your android mobile version is 4.4.2 Or more, Just Use the space between AT and + Like AT +EGMR=1,7”9100XXXXXXXXXX”. No need to root your android for change android imei with mtk engineering mode app. And this method doesn’t works on the latest version marshmallow. You can use another method for change imei number in marshmallow without root.

Guys, Above change android imei with Mtk Engineering mode method will works fine in your android mobile without root. Change imwi android without root and enjoy your new imei. You can use this same method for use 4g sim on 3g phone. And you can also use call tricks in free unlimited calling app that gives free credits for new devices. The above method works fine in all android version mobile except marshmallow.


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