How to create a blog on blogger – Step By Step Guide


Google blogger providing free custom blog. Here is the guide for How to create a blog on blogger. Blogger is the one of the most popular blogging platform used by many bloggers in the world. For express ourself in the world. Blogger is the world’s largest blogging platform. But it’s categorized our blogging category for how you blog on. Here am sharing how to create a blog on blogger step by step guide for easy understand. But before create own blog, you need working gmail account for setup your blog. Google own a blogger, so that you need gmail account for create a blogger account. At first create gmail account for your blog, If you don’t have gmail account. By creating google gmail account you can use all app services in google platform like blogger,adsense,adwords,youtube and other apps.

Like other account registration, blogger also easy to setup your custom blogger profile with custom domain for blogger blog. When creating blogger blog. It gives you second level domain for free of cost. You can purchase top level domain on godaddy or bigrock in low cost. After you choose your custom domain for blogger. You need to setup custom domain on blogger. Then the visitors able to access your blog with your desired domain name. Having free second level domain is not proble.

Are you searching for how to create a blog and earn money?. If you want to know how to get adsense approval for blogger blog, Adsense needs top level domain. Blogger is fully integrated with google adsense. But you can apply adsense once your second level domain name is 6 months older. But by having TLD, you can apply adsense instantly when your blogger have completed. So that i suggest you to second level domain is best.

How To Create A Blog On Blogger :

Ok, Let’s we goto our topic. Here is the guide for how to create a blog on blogger. It is very easy for complete your account setup on blogger. Follow the below guides.

  • At first sign in to your gmail account.
  • Goto Blogger and click on new blog.
  • Now Choose the title and write your desired name for your blog.
  • You can setup custom domain later.
  • Then choose the template for your blog and click on create blog.
  • Then wait few seconds to get the process complete.
  • Your blog will be listed on blog list.
  • That’s all. Start Posting your profession and share with world

How to create a blog on blogger

How To Create New Post On Blogger

Blogger Tools For Create Post

Here the below guides helps you to how to use blogger for share your posts with world. For manage blogger well, you need pc. If you don’t have pc. Then you can setup update blogger via gmail using mail to blogger option. Yes! you can send email to blogger to mail to blogger for update instantly.

How to make money with blogger :

There are many ways to make money on blogger. The first one is google adsense. Just Click on earnings tab from your blogger left side tools list. Then click on signup for adsense. At first you need top level domain. Because adsense only approves your blogger blog domain is atleast 6 months older. But by using top level domain, You can apply for adsense instantly. After purchase your desired domain name. Setup custom domain to blogger. Then apply for adsense with your purchased domain and waiting for approval from adsense. Then start make money on blogger. For more earnings from your blog. You can use other methods. I will share some effective ways for how to make money from blogger.

So guys, above method will help you to create blogger blog and earn money with blogger. by some of my experience. If you want google adsense approval for blogger and make money in blogger. You should write good articles to target your audience. Don’t copy posts from blogs. Because copying other blog contents is against adsense terms terms and conditions. Write fresh posts only. Don’t use annoying pop under advertisements for make quick money until your blog reaches good organic reach. Use proper seo and target worldwide audience for increase google adsense earnings on blogger.


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