How to delete an instagram account permanently


Here is the guide for how to delete an instagram account. By using the below guide you can delete instagram account. But after delete instagram account you can’t recover or restore it. So that instagram gives an option to delete instagram account temporarily. In the world many peoples using instagram for sharing their profession. You can share your favorite pictures of your personal life and important event photos and many other related pictures for free. Instagram is similar to facebook social network. If you have any problem with your instagram account, Then you can follow the below steps and delete instagram permanently.

Keep in mind before delete your account. By using the below methods, Your instagram account will permanently disable from site. After close account, you can’t recover it back for your future referance. So that take backup of your important files from instagram before close account. You need working proper internet connection and pc for use the below guides.  If you are searching how to delete instagram account on phone. Or how to delete instagram account on iphone. You can refer other methods. The below method doesn’t works on instagram mobile app.

How to delete an instagram account :

  • At First login to your instagram account.
  • Now navigate to Delete Your Account page by clicking here.
  • While enter the account delete page, You need to provide your login details again.
  • On the next page instagram asks the reason for delete your account.
  • Select any reason from the given drop down menu.
  • Then enter your password again when it’s prompted.
  • Now click on Permanently delete my account to remove your instagram account forever.
  • It is important to note down your details for delete your account permanently.
  • Then your instagram account will deleted successfully.

Those who waiting for remove their account, Just follow all above steps carefully. You can delete your profile only by using above manual steps. When you follow the steps you need to login to account with your account username and password. Instagram doesn’t delete your entire account instantly while submit your account delete request similar to facebook. Meaning if you are unable to login to your profile by giving fake password and malicious contents for someone else account, then deletion is not the option.

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