Earn Money With Hitleap Traffic Exchange 2017


Here is the simple method for Earn Money With Hitleap 2017?. Well, then you are the right place. There are many ways from which you can make money with hitleap. The interesting thing is that you have to setup each method once and then it will run on autopilot. So there is no need to spend hours one-time setup lifetime money. All you have to do is to follow the steps and within a couple of days you will see the magic and you will get addicted to it.

Make money with Hitleap 2017 :

link shortening companies co to identify the real traffic and the fake one. At the time of initial launch of hitleap people use it to generate fake impressions. Which results in generating lots of money. But the CPM companies look deep into it and identify the fake traffic and the real one by checking the referrer link. The main traffic source of a website is the search engine. In order to fool them that your traffic is coming from the search engine, you have to go for hitleap premium. Hitleap premium account gives you an opportunity that you can edit or modify your referrer link. This how you can make them fool and generate thousands of bucks. Let move on how actually set it up. BTW below is the premium price chart have a look on it.

Earn Money with hitleap 2017 :

There is a site name skillerz ptp which will pay you for visiting their referrer link. You will get paid for each valid visit via your referrer link. The trick is that follow the steps below

  • Signup for hitleap and verify your account.
  • Download Hitleap Viewer and start earn minutes or buy minutes from buy section.
  • In order to earn minutes, you have to download their application to your PC. ( available for windows/ Linux) or
  • Signup for new account on SkrillerzPTP
  • Navigate to your dashboard and copy the promotional link.
  • Go to hitleap > my website > add new website > paste your promotional link there.
  • Wait for hitleap to generate view for you
  • Your point will convert into cash as the new month start.

Start earn money with hitleap traffic exchange exchange 2017.


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