Increase Infolinks Ecpm [Boost Infolinks Earnings]


Increase Infolinks Ecpm new prostate infolink. Infolinks is the text -advertising network which has been popular as an alternative for google adsense. Infolinks get easily approved compared to other networks and its usage is also very flexible.It has 4 types of ads presently running intext , inframe , intag ,infold.These ads help you to monetize from your blog.By optimization of ads in a perfect way maximizes your infolinks revenue.Based on many factors your infolinks depends earnings depends.

Tips To Boost Increase Infolinks Ecpm :

  • Target High Cpc Keywords.
  • Customize Text Colors.
  • Use Single Dotted Lines.
  • infolinks high paying keywords
  • Target Low Number of Lines.
  • Reach Organic And Legit Traffic

Increase Infolinks Ecpm :

Target High Cpc Keywords :

  • Usage of keywords which have high Cost-per-click boost your infolinks earnings at peaks Which can increase your eCPM and results in high earnings even you have less number of clicks.
  • For Example : Make Money Online , Buy Online etc are some of high paying words which pays you a lot when you implement these words in your article. Have a research of getting high paying words everytime when you write an article.

Customize Text Color :

  • According to your blog template and background test the color which increase your infolinks eCPM as well as infolinks earnings. I personally use Orange  color to my infolinks ads. Based on your earnings test all the colors which suits your blog and increase your infolinks earnings. According to my template i use orange color for monetizing my blog.

Use of Dotted Lines :

  • Use Dotted lines instead of Double lines to increase your infolinks. Because people are irritated by clicking on such Double lines and almost their focus never go to click on double lined ads.
Usage of Low number of Lines :
  • By default infolinks allows 12 text ads , decrease the number of lines to 8 text ads. So that users shouldn’t be annoyed of excess of ads. So try to use less number of text ads.So that users don’t enable ad blockers.
Use and Test of types of infolinks ads :
  • As we know infolinks provide 4 types of ads intext , inframe , intag ,infold. According to your niche check by implementing all 4 types of ads or enabling only 2 types of ads. As I said more ads can annoy your visitors.
Content and Niche  :
  • Content is the important factor for every blog. You need to have atleast 700 words + article to use the ads effectively.Based on your niche you have to search for profitable keywords which have high CPC.
Good Traffic :
  • Good traffic doesn’t mean high traffic from single country. Get More US traffic because clicks from other countries pay more $$ compared to their own countries. So try to acheive traffic from all parts of world.
Additional Tip for increase infolinks ecpm : Organic traffic can increase infolinks earnings rather than social media traffic. So gain organic traffic by doing Keyword research to your blog.Choose Your related niche category while applying for infolinks.


  1. This is a very perfect guide of Infolinks for freshers. In Addition, I’m a big fan of Infolinks feature of displaying high user-friendly ad that don’t affect Website Speed.

    I actually just compiled a really thorough deep guide of Infolinks of my own. I think you might find some of the ones not mentioned here useful. Take a look if you get a chance: 7 Incredible Ways to Boost Infolinks Earnings without Growing Traffic


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