Trick To Get Free Ssl Certificate For Your Website From Cloudflare


Hello guys wanna add ssl certificate for your website?. Here am sharing this best guide to get free ssl certificate from cloudflare. Many of us know what is ssl certificate in blogs and websites. Ssl certificates help us to secure website from hackers and phishers for improve performance. You can get paid ssl certificates from hosting sites for your websites. Ssl certificates is importance in website security and seo. Cloudflare free ssl certificate will boost alexa rank for free. Also in search engine page ranks. Google gives rank boost for ssl websites.

Adding ssl certificate in your site is not too harder. Cloudflare help us to protect website from ddos attacks. You can also improve site loading time with cloudflare for better performance. So here am gonna share you how to get free ssl certificate. Improve website security and give better experience to your blog visitors by adding ssl in your websites. Follow the below steps to get free ssl certificate without paying anything.

Get Free Ssl Certificate For Your Website From Cloudflare :

  • Goto Cloudflare and make new account.
  • Add your website url in cloudflare
  • Now cloudflare suggest you a new nameservers
  • Then open your domain name provider ( Goddady Or Bigrock Or Something Else)
  • Modify your nameservers as given in cloudflare.
  • Now copy the records of CNAME, TXT, MX and all other domain records.
  • Cloudflare will now active on your website.
  • Then open cloudflare and click on DNS and add your cname records.
  • Sometimes cloudflare will replace records as your old records.
  • Now goto Crypto and activate your free ssl certificate for your website.
  • Scroll down and enable automatic https rewrites option.
  • If you have wordpress site, Open Page Rules and add the below page rules. It will help you to redirect existing url’s with https protocol.
  • Now your website perfomance and bandwidth saved.

Now your site have free ssl certificates with https protocol. All url’s will open with https protocols. After getting free ssl certificate add your site agin in google webmaster tools for index your https links in search results.

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How To Add Your New Sssl Secured Site In Google Webmaster Tools :

After adding https in your site, you must add your ssl certificate protected site in google webmaster tools for crawling your url’s.

  • Goto google webmaster tools and add your website with https.
  • For example : and verify your site by using meta tag.
  • Now goto sitemap section and add your new sitemap in google.
  • Then your https url’s will crawling in google and start indexing your site in google search results.

How To Ping Sitemap To Search Engines :

Pinging is the service for update your sitemap in search engines for better indexing your blog posts and website contents. Below url’s are helps you to update your sitemap in search engines.

These url’s are the ping service url’s of search engines able to send sitemap update notification to search engines for better indexing your posts. There are many paid and free manual ping services available in web for ping sitemap to search engines in one place.

So guys above method will help you to get free ssl certificate for your website. Enjoy ssl certificate for free from cloudflare. Ssl certificate will works on upto 30+ commonly used browsers without any privacy issue.


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