How to delete saved messages on snapchat


Hello friends, today am back with working guide for how to delete saved messages on snapchat. All of us know snapchat providing fundamental of message deletion after viewing the messages. It is important to understand, there are two types of messages on snapchat. It is the most popular snaps which can sent via forms in the snapchat. The second one is text messages. Here am sharing the best methods to delete both type of messages in snapchat using multiple ways.

Basically you can delete snapchat chats through yellow snapshot ghost and navigate to settings page. Just open snapchat settings and click on clear conversations. Here you can get all your saved snapchat messages with the deletion option. Simply click on the “X” option and delete snapchat messages.

How to delete saved messages on snapchat :

  • Follow all above steps given in second paragraph and click on clear conversations.
  • Then click on clear all options available in top right corner.
  • Then a popup appeared to confirm the deletion of delete all snapchat messages.

Now your snapchat messages cleared successfully. But if you want to delete saved messages on snapchat just follow the rest of post.

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Deleting Saved Snapchat Messages :

  • Open the saved conversations under the saved messages.
  • Click on the grey color text to turn it into normal text format.

Now saved messages will becomes un saved messages, and you will able to delete them from your snapchat account. Just open conversations and delete all conversations here.

Delete Existing Photos And Videos :

Follow the below steps to delete existing snapchat videos and images.

  • Click on picture icon under the shutter button.
  • Here you can view all your snapchat stories.
  • Mark on the images and videos you want to delete.
  • Just click bin icon and delete all saved images and videos.

Note : All above mentioned steps will delete your existing conversations and stored images and videos from your snapchat account . But The other person might still have them messags saved on their device.

How to delete Snapchat Stories :

You can follow the below steps to clear all your saved snapchat stories and also replace them with a new one by following below steps.

  • Click upwards on the main menu of snapchat settings.
  • Here choose the my friends option.
  • Tap on your own name and the story will expand.
  • Select on the snap you want to delete and click on “X”.

The all above mentioned steps for How to delete saved messages on snapchat, helps you to delete saved snapchat messages from your account. So follow the steps and delete all unwanted snaps from your snapchat account. Share this post with your friends.


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