How to make money on youtube [Step By Step Guide]


Money making with youtube is easy and simple. Youtube is one of the best sites with 8 billion view per day. You can earn money through youtube by uploading your vidoes and monetize it. There are many youtube channels make money on youtube by uploading videos and gain view. Creating youtube channel is easy and fast and it’s free to use. Money making with youtube is easy job by just your videos. You can create youtube channel and uploading your  funny videos, educational videos, shocking videos for collecting more page views and subscribers. By having more views and subscribers, you can make lot of money from youtube channels.

Youtube doesn’t allow users to monetize copyright videos and other site’s videos. So that you have to create your own videos and upload them for make money. That means you can’t make money by uploading movie trailers and video songs. But you can create online tutorial videos and educational videos channel for monetize it. For avoid losing adsense account and youtube channel don’t upload copyrighted videos.

How To Create Youtube Channel :

  • Go to youtube and sign in with your google account.
  • Enter the name of your youtube channel and select channel category.

  • After creating youtube channel you have got options to add youtube channel logo and description in about section.

  • Now your channel is ready to live on youtube and start uploading your videos.

After making your youtube channel and uploading videos you have to collect organic views and subscribers for google adsense approval process. You can share your youtube videos in category related blogs and forums for gain more page views and subscribers in youtube. Also By useful videos you have higher chances to increase website traffic from youtube.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval For Youtube Channel :

Google adsense is the no.1 suggestion for youtubers for make huge money from youtube videos. You can place your youtube ads under your videos for gain clicks in advertisements. Your videos have got adsense ads related the youtube video and you can get guaranteed clicks from youtube views. But getting adsense approval for youtube channel is slightly hard. Just follow the below steps and enjoy lot of money from youtube.

  • Go to video manager and click on monetization in channel settings drop down menu.

  • Here you can see Account status of youtube channel for monetization.
  • Just click on Enable My Account and accept terms and conditions.

  • Now click on allow monetize option and enable monetization on your videos.
  • You can get ads settings in next page on Ads Formats.

Now your channel is ready to use adsense ads and make money with youtube view. Collect subscribers and more video views to improve your google adsense earnings in youtube. By using high paying keywords in description, you may increase adsense cpc in youtube. You can link your adsense account in monetize section for receive adsense payment in preferred payment method.

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Ok guys, by following above steps you can easily earn money from youtube. You can make huge money by uploading fresh videos on youtube and gain lot of views. If you have any question about how do you make money on youtube, I hope this post will help you for clear your doubts about youtube money making. You can also link existing google adsense account with youtube channel start instant monetization. Enjoy earnings from your videos and share this post with your friends.


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