How to Monetize low traffic blogs and earn money


Hello guys here is the guide for How to Monetize low traffic blogs, looking for how to make money blogging with low traffic?. Here am sharing some best methods for make money from blog with low traffic. Low traffic means minimum 1000 daily visitors. For gain good revenue from your blog. You must have healthy number of visitors and high paying keywords in your blog. Also you must understand how to write seo optimized blog posts and make money from your blog posts. Everyone asking how to make money with a blog. It’s not the harder thing for making money blogging. But many bloggers facing low traffic issues and getting low earnings from blog via adsense and other ad networks.

You can now earn huge money From your blog without the millions of visitors. Yes, in blogger you can make money by doing everything like upload files and make money and shorten url and make money. In the money making sites you can make money as per your traffic counts. For my many friends am advising don’t use adsense with low traffic blogs. That means if you are using adsense in your blog for how to make money from blogging. It is not the genuine method for earn money from blog posts. In this post am sharing some best methods for make money from blogs with low traffic.

How To Monetize Low Traffic Blogs For Make Hugh Money :

  • Use Best Pop Under Network Ads Like High Paying Pop under ad networks like Popcash and Popcash.
  • Use Shorten url money making services like linkshrink and
  • Upload Files On Money making file hosting sites and share links on your blogs.
  • Use best cpm banner ads with high ctr themes.
  • Avoid Adsense and use best oher adsense alternatives.
  • Follow proper seo basics and write seo optimized blog posts.

Use Best Pop Under Network Ads :

By using pop under ad networks, you can monetize your 100% visitors to make money from blog. Pop under ads are completely monetize your blog for earnings. While Visitors viewing your blog and clicking anywhere on blog. They redirect to ad page of pop under ad networks. There are many best pop under ad networks available for make money. Popads and Popcash is mostly used by many webmaster for make money. You can get positive results from Popcash review and Popads review. You can choose the best one from popads vs popcash and use pop under ads on your blog for make money.

Earn Money From Shorten Url :

Shorten Url And Make money is one of the way to make from blog. You can use likshrink and and other shorten url sites for make money by sharing links on your blog. While you sharing blog posts and if you wanna add any file link or offer links. Just shorten the url via linkshrink or shorte. Then share your links on blog and wait for the clicks. When your blog visitors clicking on the link for reach their destination page. They need to wait 5 seconds for reach the requested page. In this clicks you can make money from depend on the site cpm. In linkshrink and shorte they pays upto $3 to $5 per 1000 clicks. So you can shorten url and make money.

Upload Files And Earn Money :

While sharing your files on blogs. Use the best ppd sites for earn money. In ppd sites, you can upload your files and share the files with blog posts, you can make money from your visitors when downloading the files.

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Use high cpm ad networks in your blog and avoid adsense ads. You can make money from other various of methods in your low traffic blogs. Also use proper seo and read how to get traffic to your blog.


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