Trick to use google maps without internet connection


Hello friends here is the most wanted method for use google maps without internet connection. Google maps is well known as google’s official satellite map service for find directions and find places in unknown location. Also you can save google maps directions and google maps driving directions with google maps street view. By using data connection, you can check your travel directions and other helps from google maps. In every android app google maps available. Also there are many methods available for how to install google maps on iphone and how to set google maps as default on iphone. You can find nearby atm’s, hospitals, restaurants and other favorite places using google satellite map.

Now you can use google maps without data connection for offline usage. Check your favorite places in your android mobile by google maps now without any data connection. In this tutorial am sharing 2 working methods for use google maps without internet on android mobile. When you don’t have internet connection and expect google maps help. This method will helps you to solve your problem. For fixing your issues with data connection, Google maps launched a official service offline google maps.

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By using offline maps you can store your mostly visited places and mostly requested places for offline view. It just like a screenshot method and other screen recorder method. But it is effectively help us more for offline google maps usage. Just follow the below guides to use google maps offline and enjoy your favorite maps without internet connection.

Use google maps without internet connection :

  • At first connect data connection and open google maps in your android mobile.
  • Then Select a place to store location for offline view.
  • Then click on the bottom location information panel.
  • When you get full screen info page of selected location, Tap on download button.
  • Then select the area for save maps for offline viewing.
  • Now start saving your favorite locations in maps and enjoy offline maps.

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You can view your extract data from google maps and save your favorite location in google maps without data connection. Just follow the steps for save your home location and other important location. You can now using offline google maps. If this method is too longer for save your location, Just follow the method 2.

Use google maps without Data connection [Method -2] :

  • Connect Data connection and open Google Maps.
  • Click on the sidebar menu and select Offline Areas From Drop down menu.
  • Then Tap on the ‘+’ Mark in the screen and choose the custom area.
  • Then follow further instructions and save your locations for offline maps.

So guys, This method really help us to use google maps without internet connection. This offline maps facility only available on latest version google maps only. So that all of you update your google maps now for use this offline google maps tutorial. I hope you enjoy this article for use google maps without data connection.


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