How To Use Google Keyword Planner Tool For Free


Hello friends keyword research is the important thing for increase blog traffic. Many bloggers searching for how to write seo friendly articles for higher search engine results. Here am sharing best keyword research tool for increase your seo score. You can find find perfect keyword for optimize blog posts for seo. Actually google keyword planner help us to find all suitable high volume keywords with low competition. There are many keyword research tools available on internet for seo keyword research. But google adwords is the king of all other keyword research tool. Here in this tutorial am sharing how to use google keyword planner for free to improve seo score. Also in this post am sharing how to use google adwords for increase adsense earnings with high cpc keywords. By using low competition keywords with higher search volume, You can definitely improve your seo ranking for free.

In this world everyone searching for quick ways to reach the top place with easy way. Also in blogging, you can rank your blog topper in search engines for free. Many beginner blogger got trouble in google rank and other search engines ranking. So am sharing this below useful guide to all beginner bloggers for clear your doubts in free keyword research for increase google ranking.

Just follow the below easy keyword research tutorial and learn about how to use google keyword planner tool for seo. If you are using google adsense and searching for how to get high cpc keywords for increase adsense earnings, You can use adwords for find high paying keywords.

How To Use Google Keyword Planner Tool :

It is very easy method to find perfect keywords for your niche. Just goto google keyword planner and start seo keyword research for free. You can do unlimited free seo keyword research for find low competition keywords with higher search volumes.

  • Go To Google Keyword Planner Tool and sign in to your google account.
  • You can find Search For New Keywords Using Phrase option in your adwords dashboard.
  • Then paste your desired keyword in YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE and choose the country and other required sections.
  • Now click on Get Ideas and find all related seo keywords for free.
  • Here you can get keyword cpc, search volume, competition and many more.
  • Just copy the desired keywords and use this keywords in your articles for higher search engine results.
  • Here in a column called suggested bid shows the cpc rates for the keywords.

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You can use the suggested bid section for track the high paying keywords and for write articles and improve your adsense earnings. When visitors lands your page with the high paying keywords and click on the adsense ads, You can get higher cpc depend on suggested bid. So that you can improve seo score and adsense earnings both with adwords for free.

For all beginner bloggers and newbie bloggers, This post will helps to how to use google adwords keyword planner for target high ranking keywords. And how to find high paying cpc keywords with google adwords. But my advice to all my friends and blog readers avoid copied articles and follow proper seo with tagetted keywords for improve seo and adsense earnings easily without any hurdles.


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