How to delete freecharge account completely [Easy Method]


If you wanna know how to delete Freecharge account services. And it’s other services you can delete freecharge account completely. Freecharge is one of the best online service for recharge and other wallet service in india. But if you want to wish delete your freecharge account by any of your reasons. You can easily delete freecharge account by following this simple tutorial. Thousands of users using this freecharge wallet and recharge services for online payment system. And it is also one of the top 5 mobile wallet service.

Like an facebook and twitter sites freecharge doesn’t providing any option for delete your account on their sites. You have to contact freecharge team for remove your account from their database. Also keep in mind, free charge offering go mastercard for enhance their services. But when you delete your freecharge account. Your free charge virtual debit card also not be usable after the deletion of freecharge account.

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In this post, am sharing the working method to delete your freecharge account officially by contact freecharge team by their official customer support. But note some points about your freecharge wallet balance and your virtual debit card details for your future safety. Let’s follow the tutorial given below for delete your account on freecharge.

How To Delete Freecharge Account :

  • Login to your email account which you using to create freecharge account.
  • Now compose new email to address.
  • Then type your request in the message section and send it now.
  • Add some reasons to quit from free charge and add your free charge details too.
  • Soon you will receive a message from support department.
  • Then your account will deleted successfully from freecharge account.

After the deletion of account you can’t access your free charge account. Make your account balance to 0.00 before sending the deletion request.

Ok guys, By following the given tutorial, you can remove your freecharge account simply by sending the email. Freecharge never activate your account again after deleting your account. So think twice before sending the account removal request. I Hope this post will help you to get out of freecharge. Share this post with your friends…


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