How to delete snapchat account Permanently


Hello guys, Here is the method to How to delete snapchat account Permanently. Snapchat used for sending quick snaps to your friends and make fun with your friends. If you decide to leave snapchat account, Here is the guide to delete snapchat account permanently. Unfortunately you can delete your snapchat account using web browser only. There are no options for delete snapchat account on app. You can delete your account online and delete snapchat app from your app. So here we go for how to delete snapchat account.

How to delete snapchat account Permanently

How to delete snapchat account Permanently :

  • Just open the link in your web browser
  • Enter your username and password and complete captcha challenge.
  • Click on submit and enter username and password again.
  • Now tap on continue and delete account permanently.

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But note don’t login to your account for next 30 days for delete your snapchat account permanently. For re activate your snapchat account, Just follow the below guides.

  • Open snapchat on your iphone and ipad.
  • Tap login button and enter your username and password here.
  • Click on Yes button where you ask for login to deactivated account.
  • Now snapchat send you the link on your email for verification.
  • Just click on the link and open your snapchat account.
  • Now login your snapchat account on app and use snapchat again.

So guys, This guide will helps you to delete snapchat account and re activate your account without losing any data. Share this post with your friends.

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