How to get massive traffic from quora


Now a days the biggest challenge for all beginner bloggers is boosting blog traffic. We can improve blog traffic using various types of promotions like blog commenting, advertising, guest blogging, submitting links on directory and much more ways. Here am back with the effective way to drive traffic to your blog from quora How to get massive traffic from quora. I hope many beginners don’t know about quora QA site. Actually qoura is an question answer site. Anyone can ask any type of question related your problems. Also you can answer other members questions in the answer section. And anyone can use their blog posts links as reference for improve the answer. There are no restrictions in the link submission in quora.

Basically bloggers choosing the suitable niche for their blog and write blog posts related their niche. Simply create an account in quora and choose your interests in knows about section. Then open quora homepage and check the posted questions. When you fin a question related your blog posts, Just tap on the question and answer the question with your blog post link. Then your answer live on quora and you will get some traffic to your given link. There are many sections available for every bloggers and website admins. Here is the effective guides to improve traffic from quora.

How to get massive traffic from quora :

  • Create a new account in quora.
  • Now verify your account and complete your profile.
  • Click on the profile icon from top right and choose profile.
  • Then you will get options to customize your public profile.
  • Here choose the description about you and click on edit option in Knows about.

  • Then choose the topics related your blog and submit.

  • Now open quora homepage and read questions.
  • When you find a question related your blog posts just answer them with your link.

For Example, Here is the post – How To Increase Backlinks To My Website ? 

This is My Answer :

  • Then start receiving traffics from quora.

Basically quora doesn’t gives any backlinks to your blog for improve your website ranking and search engine score. But you can drive legit traffic to your blog. For example here is my quora profile. You can view all my answers and questions related my category. Am getting lot of traffic from quora for improve my website performance.

There are lot of benefits in quora for drive traffics to your new blog. So follow all the above steps and enjoy free massive traffic from quora.


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