How to block ip address in blogger and wordpress 2017


Hello friends, searching for How to block ip address in blogger and wordpress 2017?. now a days every blog admin facing a big issues with spam users. Actually spam messages may decrease your traffic and seo score. In this serious problem, we have to block the ip address of the spam user from blog. Do you have a google adsense ads in your blog and getting too much of invalid clicks from same ip. You can block the user for secure adsense account. Currently in blogger, there are no ways to block ip address using blogger dashboard. But we can use ip address block list in blogger using this blockip script. WordPress users can easily block ip address from wordpress blog 2018 using your website cpanel.

Here in this post, am sharing brief tutorial about how to block ip address in blogger blog and wordpress blog. By using this method you can secure your blogger and adsense account from invalid activity. Google adsense very strict to track your ad clicks. So that, when someone clicking your ads too much of time for any revenge purpose, Use this guide for secure adsense. There are many best adsense plugin for wordpress available in plugin store. By using some best plugins [For example ad injection] ip address can blocked for block showing adsense ads for particular users. So follow the simple easy methods for how to block someone on blogspot blog and block ip address in blogger blog and wordpress blog.

This method also helps you to prevent your blog posts from being copied to another blogs. Yes, copy pasters are now increases for improve their page views by copying other blog posts. So that we might getting loss search engine traffic and visitors. If you have this same issues in your blog, you should try this for block copy paster ip address. So guys follow the below guide to block ip address in blogger blog and wordpress blog.

How to block ip address in blogger :

  • Now paste the ip address in the text box you want to block from your blogger blog.
  • Then enter your blog url in the second input box.

  • Now click on Generate The Html Code.
  • A new page will loads with the javascript code.

  • Just copy the given code and open the blogger dashboard.
  • Click on Layouts >> Select Widgets >> Add New Widget.
  • Then Select Html & Javascript gadget and paste the code here.
  • Simply save the gadget and enjoy.

Now the script start working in your webpage for block someone from blogspot blog. The blocked ip address user cannot access your blog after saving the code in your webpage. For better experience, paste the code directly in your head section of blogger blog.

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If you are a wordpress user, you can also follow the same steps for block ip address using javascript code. But actually you can block ip address in your wordpress blog using htaccess file of your wordpress site. Follow the given below steps to block ip address from wordpress blog

how to block ip address from wordpress blog :

  • Login to your wordpress site wp admin.
  • Now hover on SEO and click Tools.
  • Here you can get the option file editor.
  • Select htaccess and add the below codes in htaccess file.
order allow,deny
deny from XX.XXX.XXX.XX
allow from all
  • Replace the XX with the ip address you want to block from your site.

Now you are successfully blocked particular ip from viewing your wordpress blog. For block more ip address by using this method. Just add more ip with beginning of deny from. For example see the below code.

order allow,deny
deny from XX.XXX.XXX.XX
deby from YY.YYY.YYY.YY
deny from ZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ.ZZ
allow from all

For block ip address in your wordpress blog, you can use ithemes security plugin. It is an best free security plugin for secure wordpress site from from hackers. IThemes Security have many useful features for improve your wordpress security.

Block Ip Address In WordPress Using Plugin :

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

  • Install The IThemes Security Plugin in your wordpress blog.
  • Now open the plugin settings.
  • Here select the banned users section and click on Configure Settings.

  • Now enable the ban host and paste the ip address list you want to block.

  • Save the settings and done.

So guys, in this article you can understand how to block particular ip address from blogger blog and wordpress blog. So enjoy your blog without any annoying spam users. Share this post with your friends.


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