How to Transfer youtube channel to another google account


Hello guys, here am back with easy way How to Transfer youtube channel to another google account. Possibly you can move youtube channel to another gmail account without losing any data using below method. Basically google plus is one of the best social network and it is used for identify your youtube channel. Having more than one google account is not illegal. So many users using multiple google accounts for multiple purposes for business accounts and personal accounts and social profiles. In some cases we have to leave google account permanently. We need to keep on mind about your other google products linking. So if you are wish to delete gmail account and transfer your youtube channel to new gmail account. Here is the brief tutorial for you.

Here is the possible guide to transfer youtube channel to another google plus. Just follow the below guide to transfer channel and videos to another google plus profile. But note that, You may loss your subscribers and views by moving to new google plus profile. I Recommend to notice your subscribers before 2,3 days for getting rid of losing subscribers. If you have low subscribers and low views on your videos, You can try this method without any stuck. Ok, Just move on the topic.

Transfer Youtube Channel To Another Google Plus Profile :

You must be the admin for moving youtube channel for moving youtube channel to new google plus profile. So avoid secondary gmail accounts. Just login with your primary admin google account of youtube channel. Then you must link your google plus profile with your youtube channel.

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How To Link New Google Plus Profile With Youtube Channel :

  • Open Youtube channel and click on settings
  • Now open advanced settings and click on Connect with a Google+ Page button.
  • Then a new window will open for choose username for your profile.
  • Now Accept Term and conditions and click on Next.
  • Open New google plus page and enter Add New Manager in google profile page.
  • Then send invite link to the google account which you wanna transfer your channel.
  • Now verify your invitation by clicking on verification link.

Done, You are now link your new google account on your youtube channel, Now follow the rest steps to How to Transfer youtube channel to new google account.

How to Transfer youtube channel to another google account :

  • Sign in to your youtube channel.
  • Click on settings icon and choose advanced option.
  • Here you can get Move channel to different Google+ Profile or Page option.
  • Then enter your google account user id and password when prompt.
  • Now Transfer dashboard window will appear with linked google plus profile.
  • Then Choose Select desired page or profile and here you will get all available google plus options.
  • You can only transfer your youtube channel to google plus which you own.
  • Just transfer the youtube channel and confirm it by open your channel dashboard.

Then finally you are successfully transferred your youtube channel to your another google account. If you wanna remove old gmail account from your youtube channel, Just open youtube channel dashboard and remove your previous google account.

This method working fine for How to Transfer youtube channel to another google account. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting.


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