How To Use Tinder Without Facebook [Latest Method]


how to use tinder without facebook?. Tinder is one of the best dating app in the world. It is used location based service for find friends on nearby area’s. You can find your desired peoples one by one and communicate with them using tinder. After beginning of tinder, it becomes the most used dating app in the world with 50 million plus downloads in google play store. And still it’s increases day by day and getting highest rating in play store. You can download and use tinder in your android and iphone devices.

Like other android apps, Tinder also requires authentication with facebook. Mostly in many websites you have to sign in with facebook account. Tinder also the one which asks login to facebook for use it’s services. But many users not wish to link their personal life with social life. If you are hiding your tinder dating habbit from your fb friends, Then it’s good for you. In this below post, am sharing the working method to use tinder without facebook account.

Basically tinder asks facebook authentication for find suitable friends to date from facebook. Also when linking tinder with facebook, tinder automatically synchronize your all photos from your facebook profile. If you are getting hacked or someone else accessing your tinder account. They can also able to share all your tinder dating details to facebook. So it is safe to use tinder without facebook. In 2017 tinder built an facebook api for access tinder. So that you can’t use tinder without facebook authentication officially. But by following below method, you can definitely use tinder without facebook login.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook :

  • Step 1 : Login to your facebook account.
  • Step 2 : Click on settings option from top right corner.
  • Step 3 : Tap on the lock icon and click see more settings.
  • Step 4 : Now open the apps and find Tinder app in the given apps list.
  • Step 5 : Then Change The app Visibility to Only Me.
  • Step 6 : Save the settings and done.

Once you save this settings, tinder will not post anything in your facebook profile timeline. So that you can use tinder without facebook friends knowing easily.

How To Create Fake Account In Facebook For Tinder :

If you don’t wish to link your personal facebook account with tinder, You can make a new fake facebook account with disposable email and link it with tinder. So that your personal details will be save from your facebook friends.

  • Create new facebook account with fresh email or phone number.
  • Then open tinder app and click on settings option from top right corner.
  • Then navigate to app settings and click on logout.
  • Now login to your new facebook account and open tinder.
  • When you open tinder app and login with facebook, Your new facebook will linked with tinder.
  • Now tinder associate new facebook profile credentials and you can use tinder now.
  • Then start using tinder without your real facebook account.

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By creating fake account for using tinder, real facebook friends not able to find you on tinder. So that you can start using tinder without knowing your facebook friends. When you create new facebook account, avid using mobile number for safety. Bacause facebook automatically synchronize your contacts and add them in your fresh facebook account.

This how to use tinder without facebook method definitely works for all tinder users and it is safe to use. So enjoy tinder application without facebook and share this post with your friends.


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