How to block your number when calling – Hide Caller Id


Caller id is the way to find the identify the user who calling you. Everyone can view your phone number when you call someone from your mobile. For some time you have to hide your caller id for secure your privacy. Also some people’s making spoof calls with fake caller id for fun purposes. But this how to hide your number method is very costly and you have to purchase calling credits for make calls and talk with your friends without showing your real caller id. So here am sharing this How to block your number on iphone method for iphone users. By using this method you can make calling without showing your real caller id.

For some privacy purposes this method will helps you for hide your caller id for unknown users with your iphone calling. This is simple and easy method, And you don’t have to pay anything for secure your mobile numbers. Some of my friends said someone block my number on their mobile and i can’t make call to particular number, how can you tell if someone blocked your number on their mobile. So this post will helps you to find out the reason and learn about how to block a number on iphone. Follow the given below steps to hide phone number when calling.

How to block your number when calling :

A network careers offering hide caller id option officially for hide your phone number when calling to unknown users. All you have to find the code for hide your number. Usually it’s looks like #31# 555-5555. You can get your caller id disabler code for secure your phone number. Then you can simply paste it below the mobile number of receiver for make calls without showing your mobile number. On wikipedia you can find the disabler code for make calls with unknown number caller id.

Find Your Disabler Code Here –

After getting the particular code paste it befor caller id. This method works on any device and you can hide your caller id in any network by using this caller id disabler code.

How to block a number on iphone when calling :

Just follow the below procedure to block your caller id on iphone 7, 6s and all version iphone devices.

  • Open iphone settings and click on phone.
  • Click on Show my caller id and turn off it.
  • Then your caller id will disable for all outgoing calls.
  • For show caller id simply turn on it again.

In some countries, This method doesn’t works for security purposes. So if you have any problem with this method, Follow the first method and use disabler code. This method working fine for block your number when calling some without any caller id. This disabler code available for all countries. You can simply open the wikipedia page and use the code for hide your caller id.

I hope this post will help you for learn about how to block your number from caller id. Share this post with your friends.


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