Kahoot it cheats – Get unlimited scores and points 2017


In this post am gonna share you this latest working kahoot it cheats and hacks for get unlimited scores and points. Kahoot.it is a collection of questions of related specific topics. All available questions are created by teachers and students. There is no limit on available questions and quiz. Each of your question associated with images and videos related the question. Questions are available like a quiz. All questions have providing the choices. You have to choose the right answer for increase your score. For earn more scores and points , you have to answer all questions. For this issue am sharing best kahoot.it cheats for earn unlimited scores and points in kahoot.it

To begin with kahoot, you have to join kahoot website and complete account setup. Click on New kahoot for create question or view the available questions. Then choose the type of kahoot which you want to create. Every project must have specified with titles and proper descriptions. Then you can add your questions in kahoot. Now start earn points and scores. Like other bots for quiz sites, here kahoot also have bug on their site for cheat scores and points. So simply follow the rest of this post and enjoy kahoot it cheats.

Kahoot It Cheats And Hacks :

The below steps are very easy to hack kahoot questions. Below bots are working fineto add huge number of bots in your kahoot account as how much you want.

  • Step 1 : Open the game and copy the kahoot pin.
  • Step 2 : Now open this site in another tab http://www.kahootspam.com/
  • Step 3 : Enter the game pin and nickname
  • Step 4 : Put the number of bots you want in text boxes.
  • Step 5 : Complete the captcha and click on Flood option.
  • Step 6 : Finally the bots are answer all the questions and your points will be increases.

So guys this method working fine for hack kahoot game pin and scores. Kahootspam bots will answer all the questions will get responded by kahootspam bots. But please keep in mind, once you complete the question with bots, you can’t remove it from your kahoot account.

Enjoy participating all kahoot.it games and increase your points naturally using bots. This method working fine for hack kahoot game pins and points. For hack kahoot game pins kahootspam is the right choice for you. So enjoy unlimited points in kahoot.


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