How to remove google account from android and ios


Here is the working method and easy way to remove google account from android mobile. Every android mobile requires google account for multiple purposes. Because google inc designed and launched android mobiles. There are many android apps available in google play store for pass your free time and improve your android performance. In some cases if you want to remove your gmail account from android mobile and add new gmail account in android, You can use the below method. It is easy and simple to remove device from google.

Every google user have multiple gmail accounts for multiple purposes. Basically android mobiles requires google account for access some services like android device manager, google play store and some other google products in android mobile. When new android users getting trouble without gmail account. They are using unknown users gmail account for make their device accessible. But for some security reasons you have to remove unknown users gmail account from android mobile & add your primary google account. But deleting gmail account in android is slightly hard to get success. So here am sharing this easy tutorial for remove google account from android and ios devices.

Here in this post am sharing 2 different methods for android and ios devices. Some android mobiles have multiple google accounts. So make sure you logged in to particular gmail account which you want to remove from android. Follow the below steps carefully.

How To Remove Google Account From Android :

  • Open settings menu in android mobile.
  • Click on Accounts and choose the google account you want to remove.
  • Tap on the menu icon in top right corner in android screen.
  • Click remove account and draw the pattern lock of your android.
  • Then your google account successfully removed from android.

But if your android mobile accounts have only one gmail account, You have to complete the security check by drawing your android pattern or pin. If you have multiple google accounts in your android. No need any google removal tool for remove google account from android. You can remove particular google account from android without any security check.

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How To Remove Google Account From Ios :

For remove google account from your ios devices, simply follow the below steps in your ios devices.

  • Open ios settings menu.
  • Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Tap on the gmail account given in the accounts menu.
  • Now you will get popup with account settings.
  • Choose the delete account button in the bottom.
  • Now you are successfully removed your google account from ios.

The given methods are working fine in both android and ios devices. So follow the above steps for remove google account from android. Once you removed your google account from your android mobile you can’t access previous details like gmail inbox, Google search history, play store purchases and subscriptions. So that backup your all details in google drive and follow the below tutorial. I hope this post will helps you for how to remove google account from phone. Share this post with your friends.


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