How to report copied contents to google dmca


Hello friends here is the full tutorial about How to report copied contents to google. Bloggers now a days facing some issues like low traffic and seo drop. Basically many bloggers update their blog with fresh contents and seo keywords for rank their page. But now a days some bloggers copying other blog posts for gain page view and earnings from ad networks like google adsense. So in this time your blog post can steel by copy paste bloggers for make money. So here am back with this useful post for all beginner bloggers to get rid of copy paste bloggers. Google dmca is the free tool to report copied contents to google and remove them from search results.

When you update your blog with fresh post and searching it on google. After few hours it will appear on search results, But in some cases you may unable to find your post and get another blog post with your same content you can clarify that your content stolen. Here you have to take legal action against them for improve your seo and traffic. You don’t have to pay anything for report infringing materials to google. It just free and easy to submit your copyright removal request to google dmca. Just follow the below steps to secure blog posts from copy paste issues.

How to report copied contents to google :

  • At first Sign in to your google account.
  • Then Open Google dmca dashboard and click on Create a new notice.

  • Now enter your name and choose Copyright holder you represent as Self.
  • Then write your email address and fill the YOUR COPYRIGHTED WORK section.
  • Here you have to fill the details with your blog post url and copied post url and complaint.
  • Write Your Copyright complaint in Identify and describe the copyrighted work: *

For example write a short complaint like this : 

The whole post text copied from my blog. And also the images mentioned in this page copied from my blog. This post author copying my content without my permission. Am the legal owner of this post content. Kindly take legal action.
  • Now enter your blog post url in Where can we see an authorized example of the work?: box and scroll down.
  • Paste the copied content post url in Location of infringing material: *

Complaint Form Screenshot :

Then fill the all other fields like complaint date and your signature. Complete i am not a robot filter and submit your complaint to google. After submitting your complaint to google, The requested copied content removed from google search results. Then your posts start appearing on search results instead of copied content url.

Then you will get notification in your email about content removal, And yu can view your complaint under google search results like this :

So guys, I hope this How to report copied contents to google post will helpful for report copied contents from google search and improve your search traffic against your copy paste blogs. Google dmca is completely free to use and you can easily report and remove your infringing materials from google search results. So follow all steps carefully and enjoy blogging. Share this post with your friends.


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