How to fix unfortunately phone has stopped error


Hello guys, here is the method to fix unfortunately phone has stopped error in android mobiles. Android is the top mobile operating system runs very smoothly. But in some cases we may face some issues in main features of android like app has unfortunately stopped. If you are getting some issues like phone has unfortunately stopped. And searching for quick way to fix how to solve this error for enjoy your android mobile, Here is the useful post for you. When you getting some popup’s like unfortunately phone has stopped error message in your android screen, You can simply follow the below tutorial for get rid of this popup and fix this issue in easy way.

Basically this issue occur while installing custom rom and updating your android mobile. In this time you may face annoying pop up messages on your screen with unfortunately phone has stopped error message twice that will irritate your android usage. In this time simply follow the below tutorial to fix unfortunately phone has stopped error.

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How To Fix unfortunately phone has stopped error :

Clear App Data :

When you getting phone has stopped error message twice in your android screen, You have to force stop the 2 apps which helps to run phone services. This process is very easy and working in most android mobiles. Simply follow the all belwo steps carefully.

  • open android settings and click on apps.
  • Navigate to All Apps and click on Phone in the apps list.
  • When you open phone in apps list you will get some options.
  • Click on Force Stop then clear data and clear cache of phone.
  • Then open apps list and choose the sim services.
  • Again clear cache and clear data of sim services.

Finally you are done and you can enjoy your android mobile again without any unfortunately phone has stopped error messages. But in some cases if you are getting this error message again and make sure this method doesn’t works on your android mobile, Simply follow the second method which is given below.

Using Wipe Cache :

When you are getting phone has unfortunately stopped error message repeatedly, You have to put your android mobile into recovery mode. This method varies from device to device as per you android version. After put your mobile into recovery mode, You have to find the option wipe catch. You can also use TWRP custom recovery in your android if you are rooted user.

Select the wipe catch option and make sure it is executed. Then restart your android and i hope your unfortunately phone has stopped error will be solved now.

So guys this post will helps you to solve unfortunately phone has stopped error. The above 2 methods working fine on most android devices. So you can follow above steps to get rid of the error message unfortunately phone has stopped popup’s in your android. But if you are getting error again and again, Simply use factory data reset option in your android. Once you completely reset your android mobile. Your android looks like a new mobile. But keep in mind, When you reset your android device your all stored data’s like phone contacts and internal storage files will deleted permanently. So backup your all files before using factory reset option and fix phone has stopped error in android. Share this post with your friends.


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