Top Five Battery Saving Apps for Android


Top Five Battery Saving Apps for Android

Hello friends nowadays every android user has a problem of fast battery draining. So I am going to rate Some battery saver application. We have chooses Top Five Battery Saving Apps for Android.



It is the best Application to save battery which really works. Greenify works in both rooted device as well as non-rooted device . It is simple to use. It offers a good level of tweaking and even comes with some advanced features it also works for non-rooted device but with some limitations

2.DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver has been rated as best battery saving apps on Google Play, which shows that it is working very well and peoples are liking it’s features and capability of battery saving. And they are right. So if you are searching a one click battery optimization app. Then you should use this app and it also keep an eye on hardware temperature and warns you when your phone get overheat and prevents from hardware damage which makes it unique.

3. JuiceDefender

Juice Battery defender is also a good choice but you you will have to pay for.So I got it for free for my viewers.  It creates a profile as per daily usage in different criteria and then optimizes battery. It has also a unique feature to optimize the time of using mobile data or wifi and saves battery in a new manner which is good for careless users. This app has been rated as best battery saver app of 2017.


4.Snapdragon BatteryGuru

Most of the smartphones which are out there come with Snapdragon processors. Processors are the main component which will consume a lot of batteries. Snapdragon battery guru tweaks the snapdragon processor and helps in preserving battery. This is one of the best battery saver apps for android devices which come with snapdragon processor in them.

5.Battery Doctor(Battery Saver)

If you want to identify where your device has battery draining issues. Then you should use this app. As this will show you which apps or services are draining your battery and look to help you limit their access and further draining. It also provide some new tweaks to save battery with different strategy and different opyions. It provides you with information like an estimation on how much battery you currently have left.

So these are the apps which can optimize your battery backup.


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