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Hello Visitors, If you are trying to buy a website then you are at right place. The main problem to buy a website is to buy a domain and hosting. You can register domain from any registrar. But hosting should be from a good company.

So today I am going to tell you the things which you should consider before buying a web hosting. And I am also going to review a hosting website on different criterias:

Today I am going to share my own experience with a web hosting named Hostinger. It provides a very good hosting service with 24/7 support ticket and customer service.

  1. Reasons to Host your website at Hostinger


First and very important reason to use this. Is that You can buy a hosting for your website in some clicks. Their packages are very cheap.

If you are a newbie and you wanna to host a single website then you just have to spend $2.15 per month. So which is a very cheap price. And there is no hidden charges.


Second and one of the most important thing is their customer support. They are available for 24/7/365 to your help. This website has a forum where you can get solution for any problem.

If you have problem in anything they can do it for you or they can guide you too. Their customer service is available in too many different languages. So it does not matter with from which country you belong. Customers care will communicate with you in your language.


Third and one of the most important thing is the server uptime and server speed. Google and the visitor to your website love a high speed server and good server response time.

According to Google developer insight page speed the server response time should be less than 200ms.

When I hosted my website on hostinger the server response time was about 100 Ms. So, it is also a positive point.


If you want to install SSL Certificate on your website. Then you don’t have to go anywhere else to buy a SSL certificate. Hostinger provides everything.

They have different services like shared web hosting, VPS and even you can register your domain from hostinger.

Hostinger Hosting Features & I needed The Most

1. Free SSL Certificate

According to google algorithm ranking factor SSL Is a major Factor. I use ssl certificate for all my website. But I don’t like to waste my money to buy a ssl certificate.

And the procedure to install ssl from free sites are time taking. That’s why I prefer hostinger webhosting as they provide free ssl certificate.

Note: This service is only available for business plan users.

2.Free Domain Registration

I you are a newbie and you don’t have much money. Then you would like to start your website at very cheap price. So Hostinger gives you a free domain.

Note: Free Domain Registration is not available for single webhosting plan.

3. Regular Backups

Do you have time to take regular backups? I don’t think so. It’s frustrating and time-consuming for me. With single web hosting and premium plan hosting, you get weekly backups while with business plan hosting, you get daily backups.

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