Samsung CF398 Review

In recent years Samsung has outplayed their competitors by staying one step ahead and bringing in some of the best gadgets that perform at another level implanting its legacy in the electronics industry. With an increase in size, you will realize the advancement in the technology aiming to make you more productive day by day. From staring at Samsung mobile screens to the monitors, the users are familiar with the products but, the introduction to curved screen brings in a whole new screen watching experience to the user. Keeping this success story forward, the feather count in the hat increases as it brings in another milestone which is Samsung CF398. Let’s start with the review.


The curve provides an elegant look on the desk. The monitor body is less than a half inch wide. Surrounded by glazing bezels, the picture gets an accurate border without compromising your focus. Show off your gaming skills on this 27-inch curved screen that increases your productivity. You get an optional T shape stand such that you can keep your monitor on a vertical surface or mount it on the wall.This T-shape innovative stand distributes the weight equally giving a plain surface to the monitor. The total weight of CF398 along with the stand is 13.3 pounds having dimensions 24.5 x 9.6 x 18.4 inches. The monitor weighs 7.7 lbs without the stand.


The curve of the TV wraps around the user giving the user immersive gaming display.With a radius of 1800 mm, the curve of the screen offer crystal clear panoramic view welcoming you in the world of gaming movies and photographs. Measured by an R-value, the screen is 4000R which means that if you are about to form a circle by joining the screens, the circle will measure 4 meters i.e. 4000 mm in length. The full HD feature makes sure your eyes don’t produce tears even after four hours of Netflix. Displaying an IPS screen, you get a viewing angle up to 22 degrees such that the user gets a wider viewing angle. The experience is worth as a movie theatre minus the ticket price. 9 hours typing won’t be an issue as the screen just cancels out all the strain that you get in front of an ordinary monitor. The resolution is 1920×1080 at 60 Hz with a contrast ratio of 3000:1 giving you an amazing colour screen experience differentiating each colour clearly. The Color Support of 16.7 million colours gives a clear idea about how the monitor transforms your ghosting experience into a vibrant moment. The Vertical Alignment (VA) display type and 250 cd/m2 brightness help you to use it in a small space perfect for gaming for a single user. The 4ms response time avoids any hindrance while gaming giving clear picture even during fast-moving scenes. The minimum degrees operating temperature is 50 Fahrenheit that goes up to 104  degrees Fahrenheit.


Eye Saver Mode

Just like the name, the eye saver mode helps you reduce the blue light emissions. Resembling the shape of the eye, the screen reduces the strain on your eyes keeping you glued to the screen for longer durations.

Eco Saving Plus

This feature lowers the screen brightness keeping the visibility normal. You are surely going to save loads of power because of this feature as the colour transitions happen automatically.


Advanced Gaming Experience

The AMD free sync technology ensures that the user enjoys smooth, continuous fast moving pictures whether you are working, gaming or watching movies. The AMD free sync technology syncs the screen refresh rate with the frame rate minimizing the input latency. This reduces the screen tearing rate such that the image remains complete even when in motion. This feature has prevented Ghosting and stuttering while playing videos at the highest clarity level.



The monitor is compatible with windows offering high-end performance. Looking at the ports, the monitor has several connectivity ports such as HDMI port, headphones port (3.5 mm), display port and an audio port as well via which you can connect any wireless speaker as well via aux cable. The required power supply is 14V/3.22 A with 36 W power consumption. Safety is taken by providing an external adapter that cancels out any chances of a short circuit. You get a power button at the back to start your monitor. Once, the box is opened, you get a shiny monitor stand in two pieces such that you have to screw them to get together. Then you get an HDMI cable and a Power brick long with a standard plug. This plug goes into the power brick using 100-240 volts. You also get a handy manual to understand the functions more clearly. The monitor is covered in bubble wrap for protection and has 4 holes at the back such that you can mount it on the wall.

End of Line

With 27 inch display to offer, it doesn’t require a second thought to buy this monitor. The features combined well to give an amazing monitor that offers clear display, power consumption, and various ports, reduces eye strains, stability, a better viewing angle. The monitor boasts its creation f gaming and vides watching purpose. The curvature enhances the display experience providing more refined and immersive colours than a standard monitor. If you are deprived of colourful display and in need of long working hours keeping your eyesight healthy then, Samsung CF398 is the only solution you should run behind. The moderately High price covers all the features keeping your eyes happy. Have a nice day ahead!


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