The main reason you watch a news channel is only because they show a selected part of research in such a way that they make you watch their opinion. Media manipulation is nothing but shaping every bit of the information in such a way that it looks more enhanced than earlier.
It is not a tough job to manipulate the short news. All you have to do is to play a little bit with the words and a few statistics here and there. By showing only one sided story people often get interested to know how and what created such a thing to happen.
Manipulation of news has grown to such an extent that any fake source or a false report is given due respect just as the original and considered as an authentic news. This sort of story will be shown until something else becomes news. You can read daily news from awesummly news app or directly news from the official news website.

Sometimes news is not manipulated, it is merely misunderstood. Like every person who has an opinion, even the journalists and media channels have their idea about a subject. They try to portray it in the way what has come to their understanding.
As we are aware of the news delivering procedures, many journalists set up a panel discussion where they use biased polls in forming their opinion. It is not shameful or something to regret about. It is merely creating an idea which they feel is most appropriate.If the news is not manipulated, then it is of no interest to people, even if they realize it that it is not true even a bit. The question is what do people believe that the news can be trusted. Unfortunately, the whole world is blinded by the opinions of these news agencies.

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The reality is that sometimes the news agencies don’t get any significant news, so they try to distract the audiences with little less essential or utterly worthless news. This is only their business techniques. It is not feasible for a journalist to fetch new report every day. Hence they start looking into everything and add a little thrill to the gathered information and publicise it.

There are many ways to which news is manipulated to pull celebrities into the picture. These kinds of manipulations help the news business to keep their place going forward. We have come across much short news in which many people have been targeted by using wrong statements or quotes relating them. Hence when they react in a certain way, their response is published as breaking news. This could be a planned work for running a press.

Many journalists find it tough to manipulate news as people today is more civilized, educated and well aware of consequences of everything. So many ordinary men write articles, update videos on general issues and mostly write blogs as a hobby or profession.

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Today the young minds are giving a tough competition to the well-established news agencies. Hence it becomes mandatory for news agencies to portray the news in a manipulated way so that the public listens to them before anyone else.
The news companies have studied the mindset of the nation, and they believe in delivering in what people demand and desire to read or watch. By saying so it becomes a contentious topic, but the fact is that nobody hears or listens to anything unless it becomes interesting for them.

Manipulating news in a way which does not offend any religion’s feelings or sentiments of people is safe to a limited extent. This has to be kept in mind of every journalist who intends to do so.


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