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Security is a major concern these days with the advancement of technology. Things are getting digital and mobile has a major contribution to it.

Multiple times you will hear that something has been hacked or someone is getting spied and details are out on the market. So, the big question is how to secure your cell phone and keep yourself secure.

In this article, we will see different methods to make your mobile secure so that you can keep your details and other stuff secured.

Who needs to secure their cell phone?

Well, everyone doesn’t need to make their phone secured. It is for those who usesmartphone and uses it for more than just the call. There are many spy mobile phone apps which get installed on your phone and spy all your data, calls, and other storage items.

There are many spy apps like FlexiSpy, MobileSpy,mSpy software or the Mobistealth program which knowingly or unknowingly get installed on your phone and steal everything. You need to save yourself from such harmful programs.

The bad news is, most of the time you won’t install these apps or won’t know that any such apps are on your phone also. And these will be installed as a part of some freeware.

The spy may be your personal data, bank account details, email information or may extend to any kind of data or secured information. Now as you know, who needs to secure their phone, let’s see how to secure it.

Steps to protect your cell phone

The simplest and easiest step for everyone is not let anyone else use your phone. Because anyone with little knowledge can install a spy app in minutes. Once done that, follow the below steps to protect your cell phone.

#1 Enable lock pattern or finger pattern

Most of the people still use right slide or # or * to unlock their phone screen. But that is not the right way at all. Most of the smartphone now have smart lock screens like finger sensor or pattern. Make sure to use acomplex pattern or finger recognition.

#2 Lock with Apps

You can make the locking even better with the help of external apps like Screen Off and Lock and Lock Screen Widget. These apps help you make your lock pattern better and secure.

#3 Use Security App

You can also use the security app AppNotifier to get an added extra level of security. You can install the app on Google Play Store and this app will send you an email notification whenever any new app will be installed on your phone.

#4 Use Antivirus Apps

All the major antivirus nowadays has their mobile apps for all the major platforms which you can use. You can install any of those to scan your phone and remove if any virus or threat found. Such apps are of fermium model and even a free version will help you best.


These were some of the best ways to keep your phone secure and prevent from getting spying. You should also do auditing of your phone regularly to keep it secure.

Most of these methods I have explained are free and you won’t have to spend a penny. Just incorporate and enjoy a secured experience.


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