5 Proven Customer Engagement Strategies You Must Try

There are a good number of sorts of metrics to measure it, does not matter whether it be the views of the page, a number of hours on the site or we can say the rates of opening emails. But.. But if we take away all the mumbos and jumbos of marketing, what exactly is customer engagement and how does it matter even?

What is customer engagement?

Customer engagement is the strongest feeling of a client or we can say a customer which indicates about your company, your products, your services and most importantly your brand.

Yes…, you read it absolutely right we all are investigating all our precious time and hard-earned money into trying to improve something mushi-gushi feelings. As simple as that, if people like your brand they will surely come back to buy again and if they love your product they are the only one who can pick you from the list of ordinary shopkeepers and make you the king of the market. So, in this period it becomes quite necessary to make yourself best to increase the engagement of customers and earn their trust as you have to be different. Right..? Here we have picked 5 proven customer engagement strategies that you must try for sure. Have a look on all of them…

5 proven customer engagement strategies that you must try

1. Show Your Best Personality In Microcontent

The extreme best way to create customer engagement continuously is only through some strong and ”dhasu” e-commerce branding. Yes, you have to accept the fact that strong branding and promotion makes clients want to engage on something in an emotional level, which is quite long lasting and have strong connections which clients can definitely have with you.

Strong branding actually starts with an excellent copy. Basically, smart branding masters exactly know how to manage every copy opportunity to align with their simple messaging. Let me share a great example with you all, that a company who build engagement through promotion and branding are basically chubbies. They never let any opportunity slip to integrate their voice into content. They infuse it into Micro-content because they exactly know every small detail which adds up to make the big giant picture.

Another example of one of my favorite company which is Parker, who has still remained the industry leader because of their excellent branding and they never copycats anyone.

2. Do Share Reviews of Customer on Social Networking Sites

 When a business person thinks of engaging content, honest reviews may not be the first and primary thing which strikes your mind. But honest customer reviews is a very powerful way to re-engage the customers which are current, while also increasing the number of your e-commerce conversion rates from social and even raising brand awareness. You can also use email marketing. Yes, Email marketing is still in the game.

Additionally, if you put honest customer reviews into social networking channels, it will increase onsite engagement for sure. Adding reviews to Facebook boosts customers time on your site by near about 10% and at the same time adding reviews to Twitter boost time on site by 35%.

3. Encourage Brand Advocates to Become the Leaders of Community

Your most engaged fans might follow your brand on a regular basis on social media. Although they are already engaged, these are actually the most important customers which you have to build relationships with. If done correctly this brand fans can become the most powerful advocates of your brand who can create viral engagement through the best advertising which is called word of mouth advertising.

See More: Although these customer seeking or engaging strategy works like charm, it’s necessary to learn about customer engagement by considering a different-2 example. I will recommend you to spend your more time to build a better understanding of customer engagement.

4. Surprise Your Customers with Something Special

We all do remember the happiness of getting our favorite food at our favorite restaurant and getting something amazing on our birthday. The technology of today allows digital marketing to actually take this engagement which is personalized many steps further. People are constantly overrun by slogans of customer marketing but there are many Strategies for finding out which are the most effective one. So, you can offer something really surprising to your customers which they don’t except.

5. Run Contests for the Inspiration of Products

Ask your customers for different opinions on your current products and even recommendations for future ideas. You will surely be surprised by seeing how willingly they are able to give their insight and doing it so well.

Offer rewards for creating their own versions of your product. Domino’s Pizza offers customers who actually design their own pizza a slice of their profit pie. Customers are always invited to make their own pizza and then share and even sell their recipe on social networking platforms.


So, finally, you have the top new and fresh strategies for customer engagement that will surely help you to get customers connected with your Product, Services, Brand, and Company. If you have any query and anything more to add we will love to hear. Add your questions and ideas in the comments section below and we will be more than happy to respond you back.

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