How to Use GBWhatsapp to Use Dual Whatsapp in Android?

How to Use Dual Whatsapp on Android

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First of all, going to describe the important topic lets us know about WhatsApp. Whatsapp is the best app in today’s market. It is used in messaging, video calling, document sending, location sharing and many more option in one app. Its interesting feature is to be connected with contact.You know It can easily get connected with friends on Whatsapp. Only you have to know the personal mobile numbers of friends.If Your number is saved by another and That person also saved your number. You easily install this app from play store for android but remember you install an only updated version of this.Basically, It is not only for Android users. It also launches all platform window, apple store etc. Now Whatsapp can also be used by web simply go on Here you have to match the bar code given on your mobile simply. check out Fmwhatsapp Whatsapp has been acquired by Facebook in 2014 with $19 billion dollars. It has reached 1 billion downloads on Android in last year. Today I am going to describe How to get connected with dual numbers of WhatsApp. Nowadays people are using dual sim phones. But not get connected with dual WhatsApp number on WhatsApp official platform. BUT I like to inform you this method is a third-party connection to get a dual number of Whatsapp.With my research, I have found many fraud apps. So please aware of this. Gb-whatsapp enables you to hide status, hide second tick, apply themes and much more. Recently Whatsapp banned all third party apps for using whatsapp.But don’t worry the new features in Gbwhatsapp comes with antibanned.

I m going to tell you about Gbwhatsapp to use dual whatsapp in android.

  1. GO to play store and download this Gbwhatsapp. I want to tell about this is a old uploaded version of official whatsapp. But Gbwhatsapp is the best way to get dual way of whatsapp.The Gbwhatsapp is installed in android phones with some changes in your phones.I will describe all processes in a simple way. Have a look you will ready to get to install Gbwhatsapp in your phones.There is no any need to root your device . Gbwhatsapp comes with both rooted and non rooted all.
  2. gbwhatsapp download apk latest
  3. This is a preface of installing.(one thing I want to tell GbWhatsapp not comes yet on apple store)
  4. After installing you will be able to get start the functioning of Gbwhatsapp
  5. First click on setting-security-unknown sources GbWhatsApp
  6. After enabelling un sources known sources get installed this.
  7. Open the application and verify your new mobile number i.e another number from official whatsapp number and code is sent in your mobile and verify with code.
  8. After verification You will be able to connect your whatspp with dual numbers.Gbwhatsapp is very cool platform for whatsapp lovers.A preface I brings for you as this you connect on Gbwhatsapp.
App name


App size


Last update


Total download

Android required

Gb whatsapp


35.9 mb


24 dec 2017

Gb mods



  1. Versions details in above box for updating you…
  2. Comparison between whatsapp and Gbwhatsapp:-
GBWhatsapp Normal whatsapp
Themes support NO themes support
Can disable calling Cant disable calling
Chat lock inbuillt No lock option
Always online mode No always online option
Send upto 90 images at one time Send only 10 images at a time
Hide blue tick, second tick, online status. Hide blue tick only
  1. Conclusion:-

Gbwhatsapp is completely safe.You can use Gbwhatsapp as similar you use your WhatsApp account. So enjoy this Gbwhatsapp and you can also use dual WhatsApp on your mobile.

  1. Requirements:-

Unlike the official whatsapp, you can simply download this app.So it is important to know how to get Gbwhatsapp on your devices:-

. There is no need to be your device rooted. Gbwhatsapp can run on

Non rooted devices also.

. As an obvious fact you should be know. There is important of internet

Connections for this.

. For your information, we would like to tell Gbwhatsapp not come for

Iphones.This come with updated version on android.

These are the importants requirement you should be follow for using



I want to tell Gbwhatsapp is the best way to connect with friends with double enjoyment, WHY DOUBLE?

I think you all clear because Gbwhatsapp enables you to get two WhatsApp account on your single phone voila!

Here you get a lot of crazy themes and tweaks of privacy that WhatsApp still does not have.Let’s see this crazy app can fulfill your queries or not. Gbwhatsapp is the most important for who feel boring to use one number. It is very useful for today’s generation. GB WhatsApp is rocking app in today’s world. Let’s share it more to download and help people.

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