How Not To Become a Fraud Victim While Buying Refurbished iPhones

So you are dying to get your hands on the latest iPhone. You have decided to fulfill your desire by purchasing a refurbished iPhone. No doubt, refurbished iPhones are the smartest way to get your wanted iPhone on a short budget. But the question is that where do you buy it anyway? The internet is the biggest platform where a number of places that sell refurbished or reconditioned iPhones at affordable prices.

Though buying a cheap smartphone online can save you a lot of money, it is not so easy to find a quality refurbished iPhone. It involves some major concerns regarding the condition of the iPhone. Don’t be a victim of a scam. There are people willing to earn some money the easy way sell their defective and low-quality iPhones by showing them as new and quality products. Therefore, you should try to keep yourself away from these scammers while buying a refurbished iPhone.

Read out the following article to know what the major iPhones scams are and how you can protect yourself from these scams.

A short Note on Refurbished iPhones

Did you know what refurbished iPhones are? Refurbished iPhones are used phones but look and function like new ones. Generally, such devices have been repaired and reworked to fix all faults that come across during their initial product run. Next, they have been polished and repackaged to make ready for sale in the markets. That’s why refurbished iPhones are really cheaper than brand new iPhones.

6 Biggest Scams That You Must Consider While Buying a Refurbished iPhone

Ready to go shopping for a reconditioned iPhone? If so, keep your eyes opened and don’t be a victim of fraud. Below are some common scams that you must get informed before buying a refurbished iPhone:

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  1. Brand New iPhones

The Scam: Some sellers on Craigslist and eBay try to sell poor-quality or defected iPhones under the “Brand New iPhones” category. To grab the attention of people towards such products, they polish them to improve their appearance and then repackage them in original boxes or shrink wrappers to make them look like they were never opened. In this way, they fetch some top pounds by selling these products.

How to Protect Yourself: Don’t forget to open the box and check the actual product inside; make sure it is the real one that works accurately.

  1. Water Damaged iPhones

The Scam The latest models of Apple iPhones are water resistant, but keep in mind they are not waterproof that means they are prone to water damage. Sometimes sellers on eBay and Craigslist sell their water-damaged iPhones and the buyers find them dead or defected devices after making a purchase.

How to Protect Yourself: It is very easy to check what an iPhone is a water damaged or not. Simply take a look at Liquid Contact Indicator placed inside the SIM tray. It turns to red if the iPhone is water-damaged.

  1. Fake Chinese iPhones

The Scam: These days, there is a number of fake Chinese iPhones available in the market. These iPhones look like the real iPhones but run on Android OS offering iPhone features. Some sellers sell these cheaply-made iPhones in place of New or Refurbished iPhones and make the most money.

How to Protect Yourself: Before buying an iPhone, make sure to inspect the product thoroughly. It will tell you that it’s an original iPhone or a fake one. Some best tips to look over are; check the Apple logo, iPhone trademark, or the writing on the back of iPhone as well.

  1. Blacklisted iPhones

The Scam: Apple iPhones have a lot of worth. Therefore, thieves steal iPhones from people and then sell them on eBay or Craigslist for getting hundreds of pounds. The iPhones reported as stolen are usually blacklisted by their real owners that means these gadgets have stopped working.

How to Protect Yourself: Today it is easier to check that an iPhone has been stolen or not. A lot of ways available for this, hence, the best way is to use Apple’s new activation lock up tool. Simply enter the IMEI number of the iPhone and see if the phone is still connected with an Apple ID account, it is likely blacklisted or stolen.

  1. Paying for Unlocking

The Scam: Nowadays, people are looking for unlocked iPhones because such iPhones enable them to use the cellular services of their preferred carrier. Brand new iPhones are generally locked to a single or some particular carriers while refurbished iPhones are usually unlocked. Sometimes sellers offer locked refurbished phones and charge some extra money for unlocking.

How to Protect Yourself: Try to look for an unlocked iPhone at first. If you could not find it, then refuse to pay extra to the seller because you can unlock an iPhone free with the help of your carrier.

  1. Paying for Jailbreaking

The Scam: If you want to use 3rd party apps that are commonly restricted by the Apple then you should consider buying a jailbroken iPhone. Some sellers offer iPhone jailbreaking service for a fee, generally £30-£50. Nevertheless, it is simple and easy so you can do it yourself for free.

How to Protect Yourself: Simply download one of the most recommended jailbreaking apps such as Yalu for iOS 10 and follow the simple steps to jailbreak your phone for free.

If you consider these scams before buying a refurbished iPhone, you will definitely get a hold of a quality product within your short budget. Do some research work to approach a certified dealer! Check out certifications, terms and conditions, and reviews as well to know the reliability and integrity of a mobile phone dealer.


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