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In today’s world of technology, there are different strategies that are working in the favor of marketing. One of the most amazing strategies promoting your brand through the whiteboard-animated videos.

According to investigation piloted by Vorsight, only 3% of a market segment is vigorously prepared to buy at any assumed moment, and an extra 56% is not set to purchase at all. That means the majority of views visiting your website are looking for information, facts, and figures. Your website rapidly and obviously clarifies what you do, how you do it, and why it matters. Just after this, that is where whiteboard animation amenities originate into contact.

Whiteboard animation videos are exciting, animated videos through which one can promote their product and services. Keep in mind that if the video slurps, your website will sense the loss. If you’re going promote your product with a whiteboard animation video, it desires to be top-notch. However, that can be affluent if you do not get the right provider.

In this blogpost, we are going to review the most important and top five whiteboard animation services providers, so you can have the list of best services and can get a head start on producing more promotional videos, also known as explainer videos through which you can promote your website.


Video animation INC. is one of the best platforms that provide you the amazing services, which help you promoting your brand. They offer you the marvels and the key points for the boost of your brand and the business. At Video Animation Inc., a team of tremendously obsessive folks struggles each day to earn your brand a term or a label m that victory. Their eventual aim is to guarantee that your brand shows its genuine capability. The presentation echoes the excellence and quality of work we have conveyed internationally. All you require to do is offer them with a short brief regarding your task to let them know what actually you are want and looking for and the rest will be managed by the company.

Services they provide: explainer videos, whiteboard animated videos, typography motion graphics, and logo animation.

Estimating: Not Estimated

Located at: US, California

“The team of video animation Inc. provides you the quality work and they have a characteristic to understand every detail. Thanks for the White Board Animation I like it!

—Tobin Lynton


BreadnBeyond has a somewhat remarkable record of accomplishment; vast terms from Glassdoor to PayPal have trusted the intervention with their whiteboard animation and explainer video. The company has designed almost more than 1900 explainer videos and done targeted 400+ businesses over the previous six centuries. BreadnBeyond delivers nine diverse animation heights, from spotless and approachable newspaper patterns to multifaceted kinetic motion graphics.

Services they provide: Whiteboard Animation, Explainer Videos

Originated at: U.S. and Canada

Estimating: $1599 – $5898

“BreadnBeyond blew away all expectations. Their work is phenomenal, and their customer service and attentiveness should be a standard for every business.”

Ian Carnevale


The launch of their voyage in 2011, Gisteo has assisted hundreds of administrations craft improved terrains. The company has apparently designed more than 700 videos until now, for the businesses like Oracle, Roche, and Citrix. Whether you are observing for bouncily amusing or buttoned-up commercial, Gisteo can distribute. In accumulation to whiteboard animations, the association has significant involvement in kinetic formatting and motion graphics videos.

Services they provide: Whiteboard Animation, Explainer Videos, Cartoon Animation, and Kinetic Typography

Originated at: Miami, Florida

Estimating: $2,500-$4,000

“Hours and hours of searching for a more inexpensive option finally led me to Gisteo. [Rousing cheers please] Stephen was great to work with and the procedure was very easy. Ultimately, the video we have has surpassed our prospects and we are psyched to go to market with it. When we are successful, we will be very mindful that Gisteo played a vital part in serving us on our journey.”

—Gigi Duncan. Founder & CEO. Track My Safari


This service can describe themselves as a small team of those people who are dedicated and curious enough to get your work done. In 2011, Andrew Follett began constructing the videos, for instance, screencasts and demo videos, which at the end of the day led to explainer videos. Due to their first successful try on DEMO-videos fulfilled the demands of many so the team decided to go with a term DEMO as a name of their service. The corporation has subsequently worked together with artists, designers, inventors, animators, and filmmakers from all over the world to make some astonishing videos.

Services they provide: Whiteboard Animation, Explainer Videos, Education Videos, Tutorial Videos, and Landing Page Videos

Originated at: Chicago, Illinois

Estimating: $4,500 to $7,500

“Employed with Demo Duck has been a dream. Our project went through several revisions from our client, and Demo Duck adapted quickly to the changes needed and did so with professionalism, and a polite charm that I’ve never experienced before. I am already in the process of lining up the next project to send Demo Duck way!”

Michael Twardy, Shelton Group


FireStarter has created more than 600 videos for a variability of vast name products, together with MasterCard, Volvo, and the NBA. Conferring to the company’s CEO, nearly 40 percent of their business originates from recurrence instructions and recommendations. Unlike the majority of production studios we have come across, FireStarter emphasizes the importance of voice talent. The company prides itself on obtaining the uppermost caliber voice actors for all creation videos. They even permit visitors to sample voices on their company website.

Services they provide: Whiteboard Animation, Cartoon Animation, 3D Animation

Originated at: Burbank, California

Estimating: $1,995 – $9,995

”Your team is amazing. Our video has had a huge impact on our online marketing and we even ran it on TV. I am so glad I found you people.”

—Dave Hancock, Owner Raneri & Long Roofing


SwitchVideo has created 450 plus explainer videos for enterprise-level industries everywhere around the world, together with Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM. The company has poised many facts on alteration charges done over the years, creating them extremely metrics-focused. SwitchVideo is so assured in their tactic that they assurance 60 percent arrangement rates on behalf of their consumers.

Possibly, the company’s extreme accomplishment story is SalesForce Rypple. The explainer video on company’s home page, created by SwitchVideo, apparently controlled to a 20% intensification in alterations and an achievement by SalesForce twelve months far ahead.

Services they provide: Whiteboard Animation, Explainer Videos, Launch Videos, Live Action, and Internal Communication

Originated at: Ontario, Canada

Estimating: Not Listed

“The team was very customer focused and proactive. The creative equilibrium between my team and theirs was just right and we would gladly work with SwitchVideo again.”

—Jim Heim, Shire Pharmaceuticals.


When assessing production businesses, it’s significant to retain one thing to remember that the video desires to feel like your brand. Those revenues both the portrayal style and the voiceover desire to match your brand personality and facade. Video animation Inc. is one of my favorite companies because I have personally had their services when I needed my animated video to be designed for my personal blog and I adored the work they have done.

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