What is Tor Browser and How to Use Tor Browser?

More than 50% of the world population browses the internet every day, but only a small part of it know that just 4% of the internet is visible to us and the remaining 96% is called the deep web. It might be a dangerous place for browsing via normal browser. This is the reason why special browsers like Tor browser are designed to access the deep web. Though you can access the deep web sites via normal browsers, but it is advisable to access it using special browsers like Tor.

About Tor Browser

Tor browser is specifically design to access the dark web, which is a small part of the deep web. It is the illegal storehouse of different activities that might be scary for you. This browser comes with special configurations and is capable of hiding your online identity. Tor Project is backed by the Central Government of the United States with a common motto of – ‘anonymity on the web’. The government even provides the company behind Tor a lot of funds to keep it running for the people. It is available on the web for free and can be downloaded from www.torproject.org.

How to Use Tor Browser?

It is not at all difficult to use the Tor browser. All you have to do is download the suite and install it on your device configuring a few settings. Here are few steps to download and use the Tor browser.

  • Download the Tor Browser Bundle: Go to – https://www.Torproject.org/projects/Torbrowser.html.en and choose a desired language, operating system, and download the bundle on your device. The Windows users can launch the Tor file directly from the location of download while the Mac user needs to open .dmg image file and drag it to the ‘Applications’ folder.
  • Launch the Tor Browser: Once you have installed the Tor, click on the shortcut icon to launch it. The application can also be launched on the command line.
  • Connect to the Tor Network: The browser automatically tries to establish a connection after the launch. You might have to wait few minutes to allow the browser to establish a secure connection.
  • Browse the web through tor Browser: After establishing a secure connection, you will be taken to the main browser screen. You will get a random identity and none of the web traffic sent through your browser can be tracked. This will help you in getting a safe experience while browsing.

The Last Words

Tor browser is an awesome browser specifically designed to access the web anonymously. It is recommended to use the Tor while accessing the deep. One of the major drawbacks of this browser is that it can be extremely slow sometimes. This is also a reason why most of the people prefer to use a VPN over the Tor Browser. But, if you require Tor Browser to be used for some time, it is recommended not to go with a VPN. Save your money and go with this browser.

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