5 Punjabi Movies to watch this summer


    When it comes to entertainment, the silver screen takes over all other mediums finely. Apart from the international acknowledgment that our Bollywood industry has got, other segments like Tollywood etc. have emerged for the sole purpose of entertainment. In between these regional segments, Punjabi cinema is loved across the country for the amazing storylines and refreshing songs. This industry has given its viewers a wide variety of exclusive movies rendering out-standing performances altogether.

    A lot of Punjabi movies like Jatt & Juliet, Laavan Phere, Laung Laachi etc. have made the audience go loving for more blockbusters. Adding more cream to the Punjabi film industry, here are some upcoming movies which one must watch this summer-

    Bhai Taru Singh Ji

    This amazing movie, carved in a memoir of a great Punjabi guru, is all set to be released on 27th April 2018. The movie is a director by the renowned singer Sukhwinder Singh.

    Bhai Taru Singh Ji movie revolved around the life of the martyr Bhai Taru Singh who is adorned by the honor of sacrificing his life in protection of the Sikh values. In the conquest, his army conquered Lahore and took in charge the region where Singh was scalped. The warrior fought with the Mughal troops, capturing and scalping their honor for the good of his forces.

    It is going to be a 3D/2D movie focused to embrace the values taught by this hero and also to spread awareness about his diligent, ferocious and fierce fighting. If you wish to experience the genre of patriotism and biographies, you will love to watch this movie. Prepare yourself for the grandiose of theatrical experience, captured in the blues of Punjabi cinema.

    Daana Paani

    Daani Paani is another upcoming Punjabi Drama entertainer which casts Jimmy Sheirgill and Simi Chahal in the lead. 4th May 2018 has been finalized as the date of release for the movie in direction of Tanvir Jagpal.

    Following what the poster depicts, it is a story of an Indian Army officer and the clear depiction of what turns the life intakes to cultivate success. By using bookmyshow offers, you can easily book the tickets of this movie. The movie has received 95% likes already which, somewhere, denotes that it is going to be a clear hit on the silver screen. The shooting for this movie will be conducted in the regions of Ganganagar, Rajasthan and many another scenic.

    There exists a continuous curiosity to know about the livings of a soldier’s life, the movie Daana Paani will give you a clear picture of what the indulgence seems like.


    Here is one more gem coming to hit the theatres on 11th May 2018, Raduaa. This is a Punjabi movie which casts Nav Bajwa, Gurpreet Ghuggi, BN Sharma and Satinder Satti as the lead performers. Also, it has been directed & written by Nav Bajwa himself creating a story of time travel from the present day to 1955. The film follows a sequence of happenings where a scientific experiment consequently leads to the time travel.

    The music of this upcoming starrer is given by Illuminati popular for a lot of music directions in Punjabi movies. The director claims that Raduaa is a new-age movie relating to a sci-fi origination delivering a completely new subject to Punjabi industry.

    It will be very interesting to see how the Punjabi culture dwells within the notions of science leading to a number of instances. The audience has also been informed that the overall structure of Raduaa is shot in the areas of Chandigarh only.


    It is not just about the movie but also about the concept which is brought to life with such great storylines. Harjeeta is one more awaited release on 18th May 2018. This movie is a biopic of the legendary Indian Hockey player Harjeet Singh Tuli unfolding the complete story of his childhood and later marking stars in the field of Hockey.

    Basically, it can be called a bildungsroman story of how the character develops from childhood to the days where he is all grown up, facing the ordeals of reality. Harjeet Singh is portrayed as an everyday child, playing and enjoying his childhood days and then he steps into Hockey not only as a passion but as a profession. Moreover, the trust bond between Harjeeta and his mother adds embracing emotions to the story.

    The role of Harjeeta is played by Ammy Virk and the movie is directed by Vijay Kumar Arora. This comes as one of the most awaited movies of 2018 from Punjabi Film industry. It is quite definite that it is going to shook the audience with the amazing direction, story, and performances.

    Carry on Jatta-2

    After the eluding success of carrying on Jatta, 2018 is up with its sequel being released on 1st June 2018. Carry on Jatta-2 stars Gippy Grewal and the beautiful Sonam Bajwa in the lead role. Delivering a great support, Jaswinder Bhalla and Gurpreet Ghuggi have been cast in the movie as well.

    Made in the direction & writing of Smeep Kang, the movie is tagged under the genre of romantic comedy as a whole. The movie envisages the fun which was loaded in the first part and follows Jass, an orphan, who desires to go to Canada either by hook or by crook. In order to fulfill the dream, he decides to marry a Canadian girl but the problem arises with the qualities the girl wishes to have in his husband.

    If you like Carry on Jatta, you will definitely like the drama and fun in its sequel. So, keep yourself awaited to indulge in the utmost movie adventure yet to come.


    Entertainers are not just about Bollywood flicks but also about other regional deliverances. Punjabi movies have been entertaining the audience for a long time. But now, the genres and segments have been developed into new storylines, new divisions and what not?! Moving on to some greater upcoming movies, hold your interests and be ready to experience no less good than your favorites from Bollywood.


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