7 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Web Optimization


Work from home is all the rage these days. The millennials have a completely different take towards life in contrast to their elders. Well, not to blame the baby boomers, the technology was not so advanced during their time. While you and I can enjoy work while sitting in the cozy bed, our parents did not have that option. Or did they? Anyhow, this new ‘work from home’ era has given rise to this concept called freelancing. And amongst the most popular freelancing jobs is that of content writing. The advantage of freelancing is that you can even work while you are studying. Gives you a chance to make your own money. And who doesn’t like that? The only requirement is for you to have access to a laptop (or computer) and the Internet at all times. And that is not an issue in today’s age. Companies like Cox come up with affordable Cox Internet packages that you can subscribe to.

Anyhow, talking about freelancing brings me to discuss a very popular software amongst content writers- WordPress. Let’s look into this tool in some detail today.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source website creation tool. Written in PHP, this is by far the easiest and the most powerful website content management system. A numerous number of websites uses it to publish their content. Not only does this platform allow the users to write blogs but they can also create e-commerce and portfolio websites using this versatile CMS. Not that the fact needs any authentication, but just to let you know that WordPress is used by Fortune 500 companies and many famous celebrities. Some of the famous blogs using WordPress include Mashable and TechCrunch. Apart from this, news websites including The New York Times and CNN use WordPress as well. According to research, almost 30% of Internet users use WordPress.

In case you are wondering, WordPress is free. Yes! You heard that right. And it comes with its set of customization options. The themes and plugins that the website has to offer are endless. Using these add a very unique look to your website and attract more people.

However, one thing that you must know is that WordPress.com is different from WordPress.org. While the former is a for-profit, paid service, the latter is a free software.

Moving on, let’s discuss some of the best WordPress plugins that can help you in optimizing your web.

WP Rocket

This happens to be one of the best WordPress caching plugin. What makes it so famous among people is the ease of its use. Apart from this, it is a very friendly plugin for beginners who do not have to spend hours to learn the complex interface. It allows you to cache your website in a matter of one click as its crawler will fetch your WordPress page automatically to build up the cache.


When it comes to Google Analytics plugin, MonsterInsights is the best choice. This plugin allows you to connect your website with Google Analytics. Which in turn gives you an insight about the visitors on your website. This includes information like where the visitor is coming from to your website and what exactly is he looking for. Based on this information, you can then optimize your website accordingly. Although you will have to spend a couple of bucks to get this plugin, it also has a free version. However, the free version does not offer the advanced features.


OptinMonster is very popular as a conversion rate optimization plugin. This plugin allows you to change all the abandoning website visitors into your email subscribers. So, if you aim to increase your email list, then this should be your go-to plugin.


When you start using WordPress or if you already do, you would realize that there are certain options enabled on the website by default. These options do nothing but slow down your website’s performance. But Perfmatters makes it possible for you to disable all these options in a matter of a few clicks. Moreover, this plugin disables the scripts on your website (on per page basis).

WP Super Cache

Some of the top WordPress hosting companies recommend this plugin. It is free and includes all the possible features that you would need to speed up your website. This includes:

  • Gzip compression
  • Cache pre-loading
  • CDN support

Yoast SEO

This plugin allows you to optimize your website for search engines. Not only does it help you to add the particular meta tags but optimizes the whole website for you.

W3 Total Cache

According to Google, the site speed of a website is an important ranking factor. Hence, if you think that your website is facing loading speed issues, you should resolve them. This plugin improves the speed of your website apart from improving the overall user experience.

Apart from these, many more plugins address the various issues a website can face. These plugins help ensure that your website has a better ranking. And that would only improve if the visitors have a good experience visiting your website. This is similar to an online service provider’s ability to please a customer be checked by the efficiency with which the customer service reps resolve an issue. One of the best that I have come across is Spectrum Customer support service. The efficiency, the knowledge and the courtesy of the reps are commendable.


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