7 reasons to buy new honda amaze


Every country has their own preference when it comes to car designs. The Americans love their big cars, the Australian pick up pick-ups and Europeans run for a hatchback and the Indians eye for a sedan. Owning a sedan is status symbols they priced higher than other cars and due to the added space for luggage, they are perfect for the Indian travellers.

The market took notice of this preference and ever since the car manufacturers have changed their whole strategy. Honda which was the enjoying its top-selling Honda city model immediately jumped to the new and improved Honda Amaze after reader the buyer’s mind. It took the decision at the right time and the market responded well to the new product which was offered to them. The buyers who have been worrying about the cost made a wise decision to use the automobile offers to cut down on the total price that they would pay               .

Reasons why Honda Amaze is the car for you?

If you are looking for reasons to finalize this beast then there are ample of them which will make up your mind.

1) Push Start Button: When you are always the one who is looking for misplaced keys then they are best kept in your pocket. The latest development in the car segment which makes the start smooth and effortless is the push start button. The keys are at home when they are kept in the pocket and it allows you to start the day with your hands free. The keyless drive means that you just easily start your vehicle like switching on a simple fan button and zoom starts with no problem whatsoever. This allows you to get in the car and be comfortable using your hand to adjust the mirror or your seat just because you are not occupied with the key bundle.

2) Efficient Engine: Of course when one is talking about a car then along with the other external factor the most important one that is the priority is the engine performance. One would not buy a car with anything less in the engine performance and capacity and the Honda car manufacturers are well aware of the same. Thus Honda Amaze comes with a powerful 1.5L diesel and refined 1.2L Petrol motor which is something that different types of drivers enjoy.

3) Cruise Control: A feature which was unheard off on the Indian roads especially in the sedan segment has been included in the Honda Amaze 2018. There were many who contemplated that Indian roads are not suitable for the Cruise control and the feature will only make the vehicle costly and the feature not so useful. Honda Amaze proved it wrong and it allows you to relax and enjoy free from pushing the paddles when you are driving on highways. This changes the whole experience and the ride becomes a dreamy one. Set the limit and put the engine of cruise so that you can enjoy the views or the rise without having to be under stress even when the drive otherwise is designed to be smooth.

4) Paddle shifters: The idea behind many of the features which are used in Honda amaze is provide as much comfort to the driver as possible. The inclusion of paddle shifter in this segment is a proof that it is true. Think about it each time you have to shift gears your mind start to race, with paddle shifter you are allowed to change the gear up and down using the hands and the legs gets to relax a bit. This allows the effective use of CVT and adds to the driving comfort. This is a feature which is unique in a car segment like sedan to start with.

5) Attractive exterior: One thing that makes Honda so popular with the Indian car segment is its ability to be creative and make changes according to the demands of the car market. The initial Honda Amaze had the look which was inspired by brio. It wasn’t something which was particularly something that matches the designs of the sedan segment. Thinking about the expectations the new 2018 Amaze has all features that the users dig-in. The side profile is just about perfect for a sub 4m sedan. There are many color which are available in the car design that includes- Golden Metallic, Lunar Silver, Brown Shades, Radiant Red, Modern Steel, Orchid pearl white. The exterior design shows nothing but power along with warmth which is a combination the buyers relish.

6) CVT for diesel: Honda is a brand which is popular for the best CVT gearbox available in their cars and now they have included the same in their diesel cars as well. This is a very effective feature as a crucial concern for any car owner is the cost of the fuel. The CVT not just adds to the comfort of driving but also keeps the cost of the fuel in check. This makes the car lose some power when compared to the manual version but when it is overall comparison and the driving comfort it is something which becomes negligible.

7) Sophisticated interiors: Keeping up with providing changes to the users the 2018 Amaze is nothing like the previous version. The clients who have rejected amaze earlier for its interior will not have any reason to do the same now as they feel is complete opposite. The whole look is complemented with the use of perfectly designed steering wheel. There is a temperature control unit along with the attractive Digipad 2.0 version for the Honda lovers. The interiors offer a completely dignified look and make the drive fun and sophisticated.

The automobile offers allow buyers to pick the car above other in the same segment as it helps them save some money and let their pocket breathe easy.
For Honda amaze it will be appropriate to say that the new car is a step-up in all aspects and that is why it is now enjoying the status of the best sedan car in the market.


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