9Apps App Review in 2018


Play Store is your go-to place in case you are looking to download different applications, but in case you want to download Vidmate Show Box or any other application which contains copyrighted stuff illegally. In such case, you will need 9Apps which provides all the different applications to you on your phone downloaded without any issue. You can check out http://9appsapk.com

9Apps is one of the oldest websites which used to publish apps even for Nokia Symbian and Java phones. Back in days when Java phones and Symbian phones ruled the world, there was not much competition and not many developers also it was costly to be present on Nokia Stores and even on Samsung’s store for their mobiles. Hence 9Apps was the best place to publish their work.

With the income of Android devices 9Apps was used for Wallpaper and ringtones but then they launched the 9Apps app store where you can download all the different apps, they even shared paid apps on their website which enabled us to download and experience some paid apps for absolutely no cost.

9Apps is kind of a library which gathers download links for different types of apps, games, wallpapers images and screensavers for all the different types of Operating Systems available for mobile phones or PC. You can also look for other sources of Entertainment at http://vidmateapp.mobi

Downloading 9Apps is another big task as you will require to sideload the apk by manually downloading it. Talking about various features of the application which are as follow:

  • You can download any amount of applications from 9App but daily you will be showcased with 3 different apps in each category which will introduce you with new applications of each category which will let you explore new applications.
  • Simple and clean user interface.
  • Different sections such as trending, top, a popular section with which you can categories apps to download the same.
  • Easy to install and uninstall apps using 9Apps apk.

9Apps Apk weighs just around 4MB which is less for a feature loaded app store. This does make your phone faster as it will not need much of the storage. With 9Apps store we also get an option to install other apps and games on SD Card or in Internal Storage. Another good thing about the application is that it till supports the devices which are running Android 2.3, which means if you have an old device this app will work on it. We can also install this app on Windows PC using blue stacks and you wave.

This is one of the best tools if you are looking to change different wallpapers, ringtones, screensaver on your phone daily. Also, this will let you install a wide variety of apps on your phone with their recommended feature which will enable you to experience new apps daily which will help other developers to get some more new customers and enhance their skills furtherer.

If you tried installing the application on your phone and experienced any problem do let us know in the comment section below. Also, update us on your experience on 9Apps in the comments.


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