How to Add Audio to Google Slides Step-by-Step Detailed Guide

Add Audio

Our presentation looks more impactful when we add effects to it. Agree… But not only effects, audio can also do wonders for us. You can insert a soundtrack in it or an audio clip to emphasize your topic. 

So, this article will make your slides more impactful and we will share with you the way how you can add audio in your Google Slides. 

To dive deep into the topic, be with us until the end:

Let’s get started:

How to add audio to Google Slides:

In this section, we will be talking about two ways through which you can insert audio into Google slides without any trouble. So, to understand these ways, be with us.

Let’s Begin: 

Adding audio to Google Slides by Google Drive:

Do you have your audio file in your Google Drive? Or Thinking..whether you can directly add audio in the Google slides from your drive?

Well, it’s a big yes… You can directly upload your audio file from your drive in the slides. But How? For that, here is a detailed step guide that will work for you.

I know… I know. You are thinking but if we don’t have the audio in the drive then what to do? Don’t worry. Moving ahead with a short guide to uploading your audio in your drive then we will move forward. 

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How to upload Audio into Google Drive?

For doing that, read each step carefully and follow it:

  • Go to Google Drive and “sign-in” into your Google Drive account.
  • Now, drag and drop your audio file into your drive.
  • Or you can go to “New” and from there select the “File Upload”

Add Audio

  • Then open the folder containing the folder, choose the file, and select the option. 

Congrats… Your audio is available in your drive and now it’s high time to insert your audio into Google Slide.

Get yourself prepared, we are about to insert it:

Step-By-Step Guide to add Audio into Google Slide through Google Drive:

Inserting audio into slides is a straightforward task, only you have to be aware of the steps. Follow this detailed guide to add audio effortlessly:

  • Open your Google Slides files.
  • Now, select the slide in which you want to add the audio. 
  • Visit the menu bar and select the insert option
  • Plenty of option will appear on your screen, select the Audio option as shown in the image:

Audio Add


  • A window will appear, showing Insert Audio and displaying three options to you-“Select My Drive”. In my drive search for your video and go to the select button.
  • Now, you will notice a speaker button on your slide. Moreover, when you select it, the following options will also appear with it- Play Option, Progress Bar, Volume Controller, and all these options will appear on the right panel. 

Audio tools

  • Click on the speaker button to play your audio and you can even move the icon anywhere on the slide and custom its place. 

Congrats…you are done. Now, present as many audios that you want to present in your slides. 

What if…you want to directly add your audio or music file from streaming services like Grooveshark, Soundcloud, or any other? Either you have to upload it into your drive or What else? By inserting the link…. can insert the audio file by pasting the link in your slides. Have a view that its procedure:

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Adding Music Files or Audio in Google Drive by inserting a link into Slides:

Maybe, it sounds weird to you…inserting a link. But it works perfectly. If you inserted in knowing it, then go through the directions and work accordingly. We are about to start, get ready:

  • Open your Google slides on your device and click on the slide where you want to add an audio file into it. 
  • Click on the insert in the menu bar. Then in the emerged window, tap on the text box. Now, click anywhere on the slide where you want to add it. A text box will automatically appear on the tapped area. 


  • Paste the link to the music file that you want to add to the slide. To get the music file link, open your music file-go to share option, and from there copy the link.
  • Once you have pasted the link, you can change the color and resize the link so that the link will be least visible to anyone on your slide. 
  • Now, click on the view, and there go to “Present” to view it in the presentation mode. Click on the link and it will redirect you to your music file in a separate browser. 

Since the link, doesn’t appear so nice in the slides, so you can add images to make it more presentable. 

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Hoping, you get your way to add your audio file into Google Slides. In case, you face any trouble in inserting it, then share it with us, we will definitely help you. 

You can even write to us for any query you have, we get back to you or present an article on it. Till then, enjoy your audio in your slides and make full use of this option. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we add sound or audio into Google Slides?

Yes… you can add sound and audio into Google slides. But Google Slides supports only MP3 and WAV. If your file formats are not in these formats then you will not be able to insert them. 

How to insert sound into Google Slides?

Mainly, there are two ways, either you can directly upload your audio from Google Drive or you can insert audio by link if you wish to add music files from any streaming services such as Grooveshark, Soundcloud, or any other. We have mentioned the details of both the method above. 


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