Advantages of Using Special Software for a Cleaning Business

Software for a Cleaning Business

A great number of apps or programs are available for cleaning services online. Some are free but useless, some are limited in features or a buyer should pay for unlocking them. Today, to run a business smoothly, it is necessary to turn to only advanced cleaning business software that can help to automate tasks, and even somehow enlarge the profit. What are the other benefits?

What Is Cleaning Business in Charge Of?

Nowadays, there are many people who still think that cleaning services are limited in wiping the dust, and vacuum cleaning. Of course, these tasks are a part of the responsibilities provided by related companies but their assortment of services is wider. There are mopping, maintenance activities of sites, cleaning of specific equipment, objects or even working places with a hazardous environment. To proceed with all of these options, it is highly recommended to implement professional cleaning business software. Otherwise, there is a big risk of missing deadlines or delays in providing the services.

Top 6 Advantages of Specialized Cleaning Soft

First off, let’s dedicate some words regarding the price of this assistant. It is actively distributed at affordable prices, sometimes with discounts, and most commonly with a free trial to check exclusive features. Thus, it will perfectly suit small businesses that only plan to enlarge the assets and maximize the number of clients. Other benefits are:

  • Management of tasks. Users can prioritise, update, set colors and categorize the works as they wish. For instance, with designated symbols, a person can mark the task as a meeting, call, equipment maintenance, or urgent order;

  • Recurring events. If a company has a repetitive customer who orders the same cleaning service each time, it will be faster to save his request and schedule his services without double-entry;

  • Invoicing. Send them via SMS, email or Snail mail. Add a company logo, charge clients automatically, and set past due penalties. If needed, cleaning business app allows users to export the statements in PDF;

  • Estimation. Set the prices for services, estimate time needed to reach the customers and perform cleaning, and attach all the details of one client;

  • Employees control center. Get information about stuff, check how well they perform, how much is their wage, how much time they spend on orders. An exclusive feature of this software is a possibility to create a crew group with employees who share the same location, characteristics, preferences, salaries, and even performance level;

  • Inventory maintenance. Your cleaning business should never run out of the required equipment, otherwise, competitors will gain the lead over your services. This option helps to track the inventory, monitor the prices, and find the best suppliers.

Keep in mind, the advantages do not limit on the above-mentioned list. Professional cleaning business software will also help you with GPS tracking, different reports on the status of your company on the market, performance level, profit, and loss statements. And, it will help you to work faster, better and innovative.


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