Amazon Music for Artists: Tips on How To Claim your Profile

Amazon Music for Artists: Tips on How To Claim your Profile

The Amazon Music for Artists app was launched in March 2020 for mobile. This app makes it easier for artists to get data and insight through streaming services.

How does it work?

Amazon Music for Artists is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The app offers insight into listeners and streaming functionality. Currently, the platform has more than 60 million listeners. It also offers resources for artists to learn best practices and more. This information is updated every few hours to keep it up to date.
The app is just like Apple and Spotify Music for Artists as it allows artists to claim accounts linked to them, add artist images, get verified, and also have access to data on performance and streams across stations and curated playlists.
One crucial feature it offers is the ability to show data on song performance with Alexa. Amazon is the first app to offer this feature. It is important now as audiences use different devices to find and stream music.

What are the main features of the app?

Some top features include the Daily Voice Index, a success metric. This feature illustrates the music performance with Alexa and also highlights insights into an album, lyrics, or song voice requests by an artist.

It also has a fan insight tab that provides a list of the most engaged listeners of an artist. This allows the artists to concentrate on the top listener’s segment to grow their fanbase as time passes.

The custom date filter allows artists to check performance data on some dates as well as the track’s best performing length.

How to claim Amazon Music for Artists Profile

First, download the app from google play store it App Store and fill the fields for verification. Users of CD baby can use it for integration. If you do not use it then move to the next step. Click on submit to claim your artist. A confirmation email would be sent to your email, wait for it. Open the app and access the artist’s Amazon Music Account.

How it worked before the Amazon Music for Artists app was

The only way to check music performance on a platform in the past was through a distributor dashboard. Sadly, the data was always incomplete or didn’t contain important analytics such as Superfans metrics or daily voice index.

Amazon Music for Artists makes it possible to access all metrics as well as performance analytics on the go. When you get access, the app displays stream counts, demographics, and more as well as the most important features:

Daily voice index

This feature reveals how many times people have used Alexa to find your music. Voice assistant features are more common now so the lyrics features make it easier to find. Even if people do not remember your name or the song title, the lyrics will help them to find you. You may need to use LyricFind or Musixmatch to add your lyrics.
This feature ranks music as well from warm to cool and hot to on fire. It is measured by the Alexa engagement comparing different artists. The marketing campaign data is also available in relation to Alexa.

Fans and Superfans

This feature is only available on Amazon Music to build a bridge between the e-commerce world and the streaming music world.

Amazon Music Unlimited

For Prime members, Amazon Music Unlimited costs $7.99/month while non-prime members pay $9.99/month.
Access to about 50 million songs and over 2000 playlists from Amazon editorial team.
There’s also ad-free streaming, offline playback, and unlimited skips.

What are the features of Amazon Music?

Amazon Music has pretty cool features. The service has a free plan which doesn’t have offline playback. Other streaming plans offer offline playback, access to millions of songs, and an unlimited number of skips. Amazon unlimited provides listeners with access to HD-quality streaming.

Amazon Music Artist Profiles

The Amazon Music Artist Profile is a unique one that is loaded with features. Users will be able to add the tracks of their favorite artists to playlists, enjoy curated playlists by the Amazon editorial team, and favorite artists. It’s a fun way to navigate through the Amazon music service and enjoy some great music.


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