How to Apply For Google Adsense And Get Approval [Full Tutorial]


Hello guys, here am back with brief tutorial about How to Apply For Google Adsense. Adsense is the number one ad network in the world, which paying higher earnings than all other ad networks. Every bloggers and site owners primary income is google adsense. Also many beginner bloggers too earn some amounts by using adsense on their web pages. You can earn lot of money through adsense with good organic contents and high paying keywords. Traffic is the main point in all ad network earnings. You have to focus on geographic target for worldwide traffic with search engines. Also in previous post am sharing some genuine methods for adsense approval trick 2018 .Many beginners getting rejected from adsense publisher approval. So am back here with brief tutorial about google adsense with screenshots.

Am sharing all about my adsense journey in my 3 blogs [Including zybermedia]. Google adsense have many terms for approve your application on their publisher program. Just follow the below steps to create google adsense.

How to Apply For Google Adsense :

  • At first sign in to your google account and go to Google Adsense Page.
  • Now click on Signup For Adsense and enter your website url and choose language.

  • Enter your site content’s primary language. Normally you have to select English from drop down menu. But if you are blogging with your own language, Writing post updates with own own language. You have to select your language as your primary language. Now tap on Save and Continue button.
  • After That enter your primary valid details like Time zone, Address, Your contact name, Mobile Number etc… Here enter the valid and neat address details with your Door Number, Street Name, Postal Code, City and all valid details. It is very important to fill your address with brief details. Because adsense verify your address via post after you reach $10 finalized earnings.

  • Enter your mobile number after the Primary Contact name. You need to paste your real phone, and it’s be ready for verification.
  • Follow rest details like above screenshot and continue.
  • Then you will get the page with adsense terms and conditions. Here in this section, adsense providing all policy violation, privacy violation and all adsense terms and conditions to follow in adsense publisher program.

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  • Just mark on Yes, I have read and accept the Agreement.
  • Then click on Continue to my Adsense Account button.
  • Now you have to do Mobile Verification with the given mobile number in adsense signup form. Just take your phone and click on the suitable verification method to make sure that you are the owner of given mobile number.

  • You can verify your mobile number through 2 options :
  1. Text Message – Receive verification code via sms.
  2. Voice Call – Receive Automatic voice call with the verification code.
  • Then complete mobile verification by entering the 6 digit code, which you receive in your mobile.
  • Then you have to verify the ownership of given website by using verification ad code.
  • In the text box, You can get verification ad code for verify your site. Just paste the ad code in your head section in the template.

  • Then Mark I’ve pasted the code into my site or emailed it to someone who will.
  • Now the DONE button enabled to click on it.
  • You are successfully signup for adsense account and ready to get approval.

Usually adsense takes some time to verify your site for approve in google adsense. The verification time is No Longer Than 3 Days. You can get result in less than 3 days. They will emailed you as Adsense Reviewed Your Application. Then you are ready to use adsense ads.

Add Adsense Ad Codes In Your Sites And Wait For Fully Activated :

But the process not finish here. After getting approval in google adsense, open adsense dashboard and click on My Ads. Then create ad unit with your desired style. I recommend to create any square ad with the suitable size.

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But note that, After creating first ad unit and pasting it on your site. Your ads not visible until adsense verify your ad code. In the ad placement, Only space will appeared. Then the verification of ad code. Your ads live to provide earnings. You will get notified via email from adsense. Your adsense account Fully Activated. Then start creating more ad units and enjoy earnings with your sites.


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