Assessing Computer-Based Assessments


    Online tests or the tests that require an internet connection, and can be solved and submitted over the net are commonly known as e-test. A webcam or one attached on the computer administers the whole procedure from anywhere in the world anytime. Hence the greatest plus point of the examination is that it is very candidate-friendly and also can be conducted after the office hours. Also since the responses of the individual are electronically recorded, they can also be accessed electronically and even both. This is the fundamental procedure of computerized testing or computer-administered assessment.

    As it is very obvious from the name, a computer or similar kind of electronic equipment is essential to conduct the computer-based assessment. It could be a handheld computer also. Since the entire process is conducted online, there is no need to transfer the data from the paper to the computer. This, in turn, saves a lot of energy and time and also helps trainers, guides, educators to compose, plan, program, convey and describe various other tests, scrutiny, exams, and quizzes.

    Learning through computer online has brought up a revolution in the whole scheme of conventional learning. No doubt, this idea and the program of virtual learning environment encompass the computer based testBut the former can also be a stand-alone power system operated through the World Wide Web.

    After prolonged researches, computer tests actually proved to be equal and sometimes better than the paper-pencil tests. Also, the assessment regulations and instructions if properly maintained, then the scores of the computerized tests can be converted effectively into it their equivalent paper pencil scores. It has been empirically found out that the rank orders weigh close to each other. Needless to say, the positions of the scores are obtained from the candidates who are tested in equivalent situations and alternative mode of the tests. Also, the central tendency and the measures of dispersion like the mean, median, mode of the valuations bring together approximate outcomes.

    This can be easily obtained by rescaling the measures from their computer test counterparts. Also if any undesirable effect occurs due to faulty computer administration, it can be easily eliminated during the interpretation of the scores. Computer Based testing programs are effectively conducted in case of aptitude tests in organizations, for a huge number of employees.

    It is also effective in case of medical-surgical nursing, credentialed nephrology nursing examination, in care skilfulness and transition management, in addiction nursing basic as well as advanced practice, intelligence tests in organizations, and also for various artists ability, interest, and personality. However in the case of a few tests like the paragraph comprehension test, and other tests that require passage reading or comprehension, computer versions of these can be a bit difficult to score.

    Since every good thing has a drawback, computer tests are no exception. A person who does not have much knowledge of handling the computer cannot survive a computer test. Hence in spite of having sound knowledge of the subject, he will not be able to farewell because the entire process will stress him, thereby reducing his performance.

    Also, inadequate test preparation on behalf of the candidate and his inability to take in the essential and unique requirements to conduct the proper implementation of such tests can bring about unfortunate results. Hence before an organization makes up their minds to completely transform their paper pencil test and resort to the full computer version of the same, they should once consider the candidate’s characteristics, the design, administration as well as development of the assessments as well. They need to keep in mind that by transforming or replacing the paper-pencil tests by the computer versions, they will be eliminating a great portion of the candidate pool.

    In spite of the elaborate and distinct computer assisted instructions, many candidates find it difficult to memorize all of them. Also, the process can be generating stress, especially in case if the candidate is taking the examination first hand. This way the companies can lose a great percentage of eligible and worthy candidates. It is quite likely that few people are more comfortable in taking the paper-pencil examinations, than performing on the computer tests.

    But the positive outcomes of such online tests are that it can yield correct assessments of the candidates, who are more capable of grasping the computer-aided instruction. Knowing and handling the computer well can be an extra ability of the candidate, something which is of great demand nowadays. Since most of the organizations keep the data scores on their computer, it will be easier for them to assess it in case of computer tests, because they will be saved from transforming the data on the paper. Hence tests can be distributed easily to innumerable people, via computers. Also writing test items and storing them will be easier as, there is unlimited storage for items, and items can be written swifter than on paper, here.

    So computers can be either used fundamentally for the test construction, or for the effective administration of the same. 3D diagrams will be easier to demonstrate on the computers, than on paper. Hence tests that require rotating geometric patterns, animated mechanical phenomena of swiftly moving objects, graphics, movement effects, elements seen from a versatile number of angles, versions of these tests are best suited. Computer models can also be used for a more practical outcome.


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