Best Cross Browser Cloud Testing Solution : LambdaTest Review


Web Development is one of the most gruelling and time consuming job if not done right. Sure you can sit and work from the comfort of your own home, but the hours that go into it are sometimes just plain unfair. And one of the most annoying yet important time for a developer is the testing period. It can pretty much be called as your make or break period. Do it well, and it could take you too much time and set you way behind your deadline. Ignore it , and you’re setting yourself up for online punishment for sending out a half baked product.

Find yourself stuck in a similar manner?

Maybe you’re caught with your back up against the wall and the deadline slowly making its way towards you. Sitting and testing your Web App on each and every browser iteration seems like an impossible task to do.

In steps, LambdaTest. An online Cross Browser Compatibility Testing service that allows you to test over 2000 variations of combinations of browsers, operating systems and mobile phones. Built to help get your testing get done quicker and better, LambdaTest prioritizes your requirements and gives you real time results to go with it.

A service that is yours to utilise and maximise potential of from the word go. LambdaTest is surely an experience one remembers and revisits.

Now let’s take a look at the features that actually make LambdaTest such a delightful little service.


Online Compatibility Testing at its best.

LambdaTest is a brilliant cross browser compatibility testing service that enables users to check out the compatibility of their web apps on completely different configurations of Browsers, operational Systems, Browser versions and builds. The remote browsers you acquire are also equipped with super handy IDE engineered into them that enable you chop and alter your code on the fly. Even though you’re accessing the remote servers from a machine that isn’t yours and doesn’t have the IDE installed.

Run tests on Windows Mac and all Mobiles

Now once it involves browsers we tend to all know how many variations there are to every browser. Most browsers even keep receiving daily/weekly updates. And let’s not even get into the builds. Google Chrome alone has four completely different builds, and we’re not even talking regarding the version. However with LambdaTest you’ll simply sit down and choose that version of that browser you would like to run tests on, the OS (currently solely Windows and Mac are available.)

But it doesn’t finish there. Except for support for pc browsers, you’ll additionally take a look at the browser variations on completely different mobiles.

Choose from a bunch of mobiles with completely different resolutions and take a look at how your web app performs thereon. Run tests on star brands like HTC, Amazon, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Gionee, Oppo and Vivo and in fact all versions of the iPhone and also the iPad when it involves iOS.

More Features!

Yes the feature list doesn’t simply end there!

  • Automated Screenshots/Screen Recordings: this is often how you see all of your test results in real time. With the automatic screenshot feature you’ll visualise how completely different browsers are behaving while interacting along with your Web App.
  • Test Locally Hosted pages: You’re not simply limited to pages that have gone live. You can also test out the compatibility of locally hosted web apps to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself come launch day.
  • Issue Logger: With the assistance of the designed in issue logger you’ll simply sit down and moderate your web site and stub out bugs reportable by the users.

With a feature list like no other, and hundreds of satisfied customers make sure that you do not let go of this service if you actually need something of this sort.

With prices starting at $15, there is also a free trial available on their website.

Visit their page to check out the various plans and find more info on the service.



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